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creepy stalker cenobite

2021.09.17 22:43 bandwarmelection creepy stalker cenobite

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2021.09.17 22:43 godofchinchilla Dyed my hair nearly a year ago

I used this mahogany black permanent dye and was a dirty blonde before. A couple months afterwards, my hair shifted completely to an auburn/mahogany colour. Even after getting a few haircuts and whatnot, the colour is there all the way down to the root. Is this normal?
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2021.09.17 22:43 stickgirlstyle Another two bit of art I have been working on - Moromi and Ebisu and the in the next is my attempt of realism for a drawing of Soot

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2021.09.17 22:43 ghchbnhd What is your stance on the manosphere?

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2021.09.17 22:43 wisenotwise888 Help my PUT is loosing value?

Why would my PUT be loosing value if the stock is already more than 3dollars down from value at buy time? Tnx in advanced for help
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2021.09.17 22:43 Beautiful_Fishing569 What even is this toy supposed to be?

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2021.09.17 22:43 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,102W x 64H x 3D cm,Hal Mayforth Abstract Expressionism,AbstractAbstract. Contemporary,Wall Decor,Colorful,Abstract Expressionism,Abstract,Automatic Drawing,Signs And Symbols

Original Art Acrylic Painting,102W x 64H x 3D cm,Hal Mayforth Abstract Expressionism,AbstractAbstract. Contemporary,Wall Decor,Colorful,Abstract Expressionism,Abstract,Automatic Drawing,Signs And Symbols submitted by kobony to plipart [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 22:43 Western-Twist4334 Book about a middle aged woman who kills her abusive husband, she had either the name Hermione or Persephone??

I read this book when I was about 10 in St Ives on holiday so about mid 90’s, for some reason it stuck with me vividly. A shy, timid woman about 50yrs old lives with her abusive husband, I don’t think he hits her, more controlling and coercive. It describes how she is controlled in every way and has to write down all her expenses, has no friends etc. She goes out every week to some depressing shop cafe like M&S cafe and slowly makes a friend with a younger woman who she confides in.
She ends up killing him (I think stabbing?) and goes to court and eventually gets off. I’m pretty sure she had an unusual name like Hermione, or it could be Persephone.
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2021.09.17 22:43 Ok_Path_9151 The Tabernacle Double Corona Broadleaf and a bottle of Yuengling Golden Pilsner

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2021.09.17 22:43 Horror_Retrospective The Raft #Audiobook - Stephen King

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2021.09.17 22:43 Money_These *Restock Alert* Felicie Pochette (Epi/Black)

3:43pm CT Available Now | US site
Felicie Pochette
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2021.09.17 22:43 DuckFaceMgee T

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2021.09.17 22:43 tzuyuvv Please Help me find a watch face

Please Help me find a watch face The following image is a watch face shown in this subreddit's GIF icon. I really like the look of it... Does anybody know where I might find it or its name?

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2021.09.17 22:43 prixb U.S. to target ransomware payments in cryptocurrency with sanctions

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2021.09.17 22:43 Bami12e Any good UX book recommendations?

Hi guys,
What are books that gave you new insights in UX Design, research, accessibility, strategy and productivity?
I want to pick up reading again and want to pair it with improving my knowledge about the topics I mentioned before.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.17 22:43 Dawn8946 #ftzj7 - LnWpkr $10 NLH Rebuy/Add-on Tourney every night but Monday 630pm Central .50/1.00 ROE Cash game Nightly starts at 8pm Central We also have a NLH and a PLO Bad Beat ** New Player Bonus - 20% Add-on Bonus to 1st Buy-in. ** Instant payout upon request or end of game.

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2021.09.17 22:43 polarbytebot Rangers when they don't get instantly finished after getting downed: [ANet_Nick]

The ranger pet whenever they use that skill.
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2021.09.17 22:43 BaliMiss Are only IgM positive results a reason enough for Lyme treatment when the symptoms are non specific and can be applied to many other diseases?

29F, 172cm, 52.5kg, non smoking, non drinking. I have had this Western blot blood work done. It came back IgM positive only. But what does a "positive test" actually mean? I’ve heard contradicting opinions:
On one hand, many people have IgM antibodies only but not IgG. I found out that scientific research shows that 40% of Lyme patients with erythema migrans never seroconvert; therefore, show NO antibodies ever, both before and after treatment. In the remaining majority of cases, the WB test shows IgM antibodies and never shows IgG antibodies, either before or after treatment. IgG seroconversion in Western blots is thought to be rare. IgM antibodies may persist for life, moreover they are likely to cross-react.
On the other hand, I found out that “a positive result” means a high titer of IgM or IgG antibodies. End of story. Because specific antibodies are produced in response to contact with Borrelia burgdorferi, and as far as we know, there is no concept of people being Lyme disease vectors only, neither there is a known method of fully eradicating it from the body. Borrelias do not always have to manifest their presence with symptoms, but their presence itself is pathological and on this basis it is possible to determine the disease in the "acute phase" or in the chronic phase (IgG for chronic and IgM for acute). There are many antibody detecting methods, yet we never treat the results themselves, but a patient who has specific symptoms.
Results of my tick-borne co-infections serological testing came positive for: bartonella in IgM and IgG, and chlamydia pneumoniae in all IgM and IgG and IgA, and mycoplasma pneumonia in IgG only, and yersinia enterocolitica IgG only, BUT I haven’t recorded suffering from any characteristic and unequivocal symptoms of these infections. I don’t know with which method testing co-infections is being performed in your country, but mine are, again, based on antibodies detection (ELISA method) and these are the best available in my country. However, some doctors do not think these are reliable. Some even don’t believe that co-infections exist.
And what comes down to symptoms! My only symptoms are (for approx. 3 years): 1. brain fog (it appears especially after meals, oftentimes when I am not eating anything, I feel normal. It comes and goes. Some days I am brainfogged, some I feel absolutely fine even if I eat the same stuff); 2. carbohydrate metabolism disorder (my insulin levels are now balanced due to sugar free, low carb and low glycemic diet); 3. fatigue (again after meals 90% of the time); 4. vitamin b12 and zinc deficiency (despite eating meat and eggs every day); 5. acne on my jaw, chin, upper back and shoulders; 6. right eye dryness and floaters (checked thoroughly by an eye doctor. No signs of inflammation that would indicate borrelia attacking my eyes); 7. cracking joints (I have not been doing any regular physical activity for more than a year, I have a desk job and according to my osteopath this is the reason. No pains, inflammation or mobility issues)
I have never had any unexplained fevers, wandering pains, stiffness, tingling, paralysis, limb swelling, sweats, sleep problems, muscle aches, burning sensations. No tick bite nor erythema migrans was ever recorded in my life. I do not suffer from any allergy-like symptoms. I am parasite free (after treatment with Alinia).
CDC on their webpage clearly state that “if you’ve been infected longer that 4 to 6 weeks and the IgG Western blot is still negative, it is highly likely that isolated IgM bands result is false positive”. Other scientific research I’ve read states exactly the same (source100875-3/pdf) source 2) all of which would not qualify me for treatment. In opposition, there are ILADS doctors, who I’ve been referred to straight away in order “not to lose time on IDSA trained physicians as they know nothing about Lyme”. I consulted one, she thinks it’s Lyme, and puts me on Buhner’s protocol and Bartonella herbs.
I might live in denial; but to my mind, my symptoms are not specific enough for Lyme and co-infections disease, so I am sceptical whether in my case this is an accurate diagnosis. Taking a controversial interpretation of blood work and my symptoms altogether, how possible is that my test is false positive? False positive results do happen - I’ve found out that Borrelia it is known to cross react with Helicobacter pylori, or Epstein Barr virus. It might as well be gut dysbiosis or food intolerances due to overlapping symptoms (I’ll repeat: my biggest problem is brain fog which is VERY CLEARLY related to consuming food. I am sure of it based on several months of observation.)
How can I figure this out? Has anyone of you made a differential diagnosis to exclude their potentially false positive case and can recommend me what’s worth to do?
On the basis of what criteria did your doctors decide to start your treatment?
I am almost 30 and for last couple of years, all I experience is doctor’s offices rather than living my life. This has to end. I have to finally know what’s causing all this. We know that Lyme treatment will not be easy, nor quick or cheap. I am still somehow living, working normally (despite abovementioned symptoms) and if I am to lose all that (not to mention money and time) by getting worse, because of the wrong treatment, I am not up for that. Before I have no choice, I am determined to exclude as reliably as possible all other possibilities.
Ps. Please do not suggest testing available in the US only - I am based in Poland and will have no access to these, unfortunately. Unless you know places which do this internationally, then I’d gladly look into these. Thanks!
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2021.09.17 22:43 xmn0 What’s this file structure called

/uslocal/bin /usbin /bin 
I’m curious what this structure is called? There’s a bin ending in every file line.
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2021.09.17 22:43 vaporrkatzzz H: Caps/Junk/Weapon trades W: Uny/X/Sent Left Arm, preferably marine or combat armor

Pepper Shakers:
50 Cals:
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2021.09.17 22:43 LashawnaCornett Great news for $PULL

Great news for $PULL Yesterday Pure Extracts ( $PULL $PRXTF) (XFRA: A2QJAJ) announced that they shipped their initial order of edible gummies to Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC)
Awesome to see them digging their heels into the Alberta cannabis market!
With this news as well as their announcement of their first purchase order with Ontario Cannabis Stores, I think now is an excellent time to get in while this stock is cheap.
Despite great internal news, the price dropped about 4% today, making it at only $0.34
More info on AGLC order here:

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2021.09.17 22:43 Academic-Lie-4078 How do I use Consol commands on Xbox?

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2021.09.17 22:43 stepbackerr Triple Threat Online Records.

Alright guys, we're officially one week into 2K22, what are your triple threat online records looking like?
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2021.09.17 22:43 NewsElfForEnterprise SAP partners with nonprofits for VR effort to address student learning gaps

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2021.09.17 22:43 0x686178 A match with Gahyeon!?🍗PUBG livestream (210916 DC YouTube)

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