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Betta’s have the intelligence level comparable to cat’s….in my opinion.

2021.09.17 20:56 greatjonesusa Betta’s have the intelligence level comparable to cat’s….in my opinion.

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2021.09.17 20:56 froppy_supremacy Clothing moths still as active after exterminator visit

The exterminator didn't really explain how they'd behave after. The treatment only took a few minutes and "Cymetrol Super" was used.
The treatment was only done yesterday, so I'm wondering if them still being very active is normal? or if this is a bad sign.
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2021.09.17 20:56 Demarcus-Is-A-Snake BSL Needs You!

BSL Needs You!
The #1 BBGM Multiplayer server wants to give you a new perspective on the concept and community!
Hey, I’m Okafor and I’m the commissioner of the Basketball Sim League, often shortened to BSL. Maybe you’ve heard about us, maybe you haven’t, but I want this post to give you the opportunity to meet us and find out if ZenGM Multiplayer is for you. We currently have 2 teams open, the Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors in the year 2047!
It’s no secret that the general community is incredibly and increasingly toxic and the people who oftentimes run these servers are unbelievably incompetent, but it is my mission to prove that not every MP server is the same. I believe in a few things: Consistency, community, and perseverance.
• For consistency, our 1 year anniversary past not too long ago (September 2nd) and we have just finished our 28th season. BSL has never taken more than 1 day off in its history, I know what needs done and it will be done. There is usually at least 1 BSL event a day, we sim once a day, and are always moving forward.
• For community, oh my, I could talk about it all day. I have no problem whatsoever with saying we have the most helpful, friendliest, and most caring community in ZenGM. In fact, a lot of our GMs only participate in SL sponsored servers because of the quality. These are real quotes from GMs, “Or you get the Doggo treatment, and you love [BSL] so much that you physically cannot join other servers and find entertainment”, “I’m so spoiled [with joining BSL]”, Best BBGM league I’ve been in. Okafor knows what he is doing and sim glad to be here since the beginning”. You could ask any of our GMs and get similar quotes, it’s a loving community that welcomes others like family.
• Finally, for perseverance. I don’t want to drag on with a sob story and bore you, but the blunt reality is, there was a time when BSL was considered a “dead” server. I never broke away from the schedule, everything was always done whether GMs participated or not. People had no problem telling me to my face that it was a total waste of time and my efforts were better off going to another project. I’m not about that, I have never and will never let negativity shape my mindset and my goals. Hard times are inevitable, I’m sure our biggest battles are yet to be fought, but you have a better chance at winning the powerball than seeing BSL roll over and die. We will remain.
Hopefully that didn’t take too long to read hopefully it didn’t bore you. I genuinely want to see people of all kinds participate. You never have to worry about rude people, corruption, apathy, etc. in BSL. We are unlike any server you have ever seen, so before you brush off Zen GM multiplayer servers as all being the same, give BSL a try, I want to change your mind.
BSL invite: https://discord.gg/8GbgDqa
But hey, maybe basketball isn’t your thing, As I mentioned before, SL (owned by me) runs multiple Zen GM multiplayer servers.
If you’re into slap shots and body checking, here’s HSL (Hockey Sim League): https://discord.gg/RTtTvXWF3W
If you’re into Hail Marys and hit sticks, here’s FSL (Football Sim League): https://discord.gg/7p4FKPQK8H
If you’re into March Madness and recruiting, here’s CBSL (College Basketball Sim League): https://discord.gg/YPp7GwNa5V
Help me help you help all of us make something that will never, ever be forgotten.
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2021.09.17 20:56 baldorrr I’ve finally upgraded!

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2021.09.17 20:56 yomancool [S] [USA-WA] Fujifilm X-S10 w/ Fuji Lenses 16-80 F4, 16mm F1.4, 35mm F1.4

Hello, I got an x100V recently and I'm trying to shrink down my gears. All items come with the original packaging.
X-S10 w/ 16-80 F4 - Bought from B&H this May. Didn't use much as I thought I'll be traveling but Delta hit. Asking $1350 $1300 shipped CONUS.
35mm F1.4 - Bought it along with X-S10 combo from B&H this May. There's a minor scratch on the ring but the glass is pristine. Asking $450 $425 shipped CONUS.
16mm F1.4 - Bought from this sub around July. I don't see any scratch on it and it works great. Asking $650 $625 shipped CONUS.
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2021.09.17 20:56 smmedianews Stranger Things' fourth season wraps up filming, and a new teaser is on the way.

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2021.09.17 20:56 incruente How feasible are wooden spice jars for a beginner?

So my wordworking experience is limited to a birdhouse I made with my grandfather as a child and some basic, functional stuff like raised garden beds, a couple chicken coops, rabbit hutches, that sort of thing. Nothing with any real fine detail or close tolerances, unless you count a butcher block cutting board.
I'm interested in making a set of spice jars because I'm trying to avoid the three dominant options in the field (glass, plastic, and metal) for various reasons. The only design I've seen amounts to a laminated wooden box with a hole bored in it and a cork in the top. But Neil Paskin (the Bob Ross of woodworking, in my opinion) had presented a tap and die made for wood, and I've seen a few others with such setups. Yes, I know he's a professional with many years of experience. But it makes me wonder if I could make a set of spice jars with threaded caps and cork inserts into those caps. I've got access to basically any woodworking tool, hand or power, you care to name.
Surely this isn't a new idea; where else should I be searching? Is this too advanced of an idea for a beginner?
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2021.09.17 20:56 Plekumattt Newbie questions about substrate

I have a spare 14 gal tank that I wanted to convert to a heavily planted terrarium. I really love vampire crabs and will be getting some. I don't want to make a paludarium per se, but a flat terrarium with a small water part ~25% of the tank (aquaterrarium?).
But I'm not sure what sort of substrate I should use. As I want it to be heavily planted I don't want to use only plain sand. Aquarium soil looks like a good option, but it will lower the KH and pH in the water part. Organic potting soil would be too muddy, I don't know if even aquatic plants can grow emersed like that. Also I don't know if muddy substrate would be difficult for the crabs to burrow in.
I thought maybe I can separate the water from the substrate with an acrylic glass and use aquarium soil on the land part. Has anyone done something like this? How feasible do you think it is? Would I need to cap the aquasoil with sand to make it more comfortable for the crabs to burrow in? Or small sized pine bark?
Also another question, how deep do vampire crabs burrow? How deep should I make the substrate?
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2021.09.17 20:56 naftacher Do couples secretly look down at single people?

I always get anxious when I get attention from open relationship profiles on grindr. Like, I think they are secretly judging me for being single. In a sense, this couple is excited to brag to me that they are together. Hence they seek a threesome. I just hope I, a single person, don't appear inferior to people in relationships. I cannot help that I have not yet met the right person. I know this is sinful, but I cannot fix this reality at the present moment.
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2021.09.17 20:56 Manthanakhani New features vs bug fixes

Hey guys, I've been a TT user for a long time and have seen TT evolve over the years. I must say I'm impressed by the pace at which the product has evolved. I have seen many of users' requests for features implemented sooner or later. As impressive as this growth is, I still feel they have let down the users a bit in fixing bugs/ resolving issues. New features inevitably bring with them new bugs and issues. In my considered opinion, TickTick has done an average job of fixing bugs. Sometimes these little things really annoy. At times, they can become major organization disrupters. TickTick is developing fast but has so many rough edges. I wish the team would smoothen them. Sometimes, I wish they would stop development on the new features for 2-3 months and devote all the time and resources to fixing bugs. So here's the poll: What do you think TickTick should do for the next 3-6 months?
View Poll
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2021.09.17 20:56 AdditionalShow6 Soccer FREE Streaming HD➤▎ Newcastle vs Leeds United Live Stream Free ✳️ Leeds United vs Newcastle Live Stream Free ✳️ Strasbourg vs Metz Live Stream Free ✳️ Sassuolo vs Torino Live Stream Free ✳️Soccer 2021➤▎

Soccer FREE Streaming HD➤▎ Newcastle vs Leeds United Live Stream Free ✳️ Leeds United vs Newcastle Live Stream Free ✳️ Strasbourg vs Metz Live Stream Free ✳️ Sassuolo vs Torino Live Stream Free ✳️Soccer 2021➤▎ submitted by AdditionalShow6 to pamakapatena [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 20:56 SnooPeripherals7365 AMİN ECMAİN😇🤲

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2021.09.17 20:56 PressureAfraid3522 hypno raid! just need one more person but will add up to 5 :) 6222 1923 6649

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2021.09.17 20:56 Hescee Afraid of speaking English

If it's something I've always wanted to do, it's being able to speak English to my online friends on call, have fun and just chill together like normal people.
But for some reason, I cant. I'm afraid for whatever reason, and it's becoming incredibly tiring. I think about it everyday and almost all day, but nothing ever seems to improve.
If it matters, I was always afraid of speaking to people as a kid, even in my native language. So I just didnt. I didnt talk to anyone, only close friends and my family. Not even teachers. At some point I eventually started talking to people, but something is still holding me back from speaking English. I'm at an intermediate level, the problem isnt even MY English.
Does anyone have some advice..? I'm literally begging at this point.
(Yes, I do go to therapy and I'm hoping this will be something we're gonna talk about, but I'd still love to hear some advice from other people)
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2021.09.17 20:56 FearmyBeard21 Atlanta Braves Fan and Cancer Survivor meets Dansby Swanson

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2021.09.17 20:56 mystery-biscuits UK referral times?

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone on here is from the UK, and could tell me how long it took for their hospital referral to come through? I had a telephone consultation with my doctor earlier this week, and I've been told that I've probably got sleep apnea, and that the next step will be a hospital referral. I've got my work on my back saying that if this isn't sorted sooner rather than later, then my continued employment is at serious risk.
To give a bit of background, I have a BMI of around 40 (and am trying to lose weight), there is a family history of sleep apnea (my mother), I scored very high on the Epworth scale, and I'm willing to try anything and everything in order to beat this.
Thanks everyone!
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Earn just by talking, too!
Nice, generous community!
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2021.09.17 20:56 Bslo18 Fun game: where is Travis going? Wrong answers only

He’s going to become a cat lady.
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2021.09.17 20:56 JaysonTaintum Who to SIT in ppr?

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2021.09.17 20:56 AdditionalShow6 How to watch and stream the Soccer without cable Soccer Live ➤▎ Newcastle vs Leeds United Live Stream ✳️ Leeds United vs Newcastle Live Stream ✳️ Strasbourg vs Metz Live Stream ✳️ Sassuolo vs Torino Live Stream ✳️Soccer 2021➤▎

How to watch and stream the Soccer without cable Soccer Live ➤▎ Newcastle vs Leeds United Live Stream ✳️ Leeds United vs Newcastle Live Stream ✳️ Strasbourg vs Metz Live Stream ✳️ Sassuolo vs Torino Live Stream ✳️Soccer 2021➤▎ submitted by AdditionalShow6 to pamakapatena [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 20:56 Pmc06 My players killed Iymrith in tonight's session. AMA (?)

This is my first long term campaign as a DM, so all of this may be taken for what that is worth. REALLY long post incoming;
Here is how it went down, some of the changes I made, and some of the reasons I made them;-
Players started SKT at level 5. I skipped Nightstone for one reason only; I didn't know we were going to play this campaign until we had nearly finished Forge of Fury. I chose FOF because it was a dungeon delve and it was a 'palette cleanser' for the previous campaign that our previous DM was unable to continue.
As a result, players never met Zepyros. In fact, the Cloud Giants and the Stone Giants were pretty much ignored by the players (and the DM). It streamlined the campaign slightly, and I didn't want the hassle (at the time) of dealing with story threads that needed a little more creative thinking on my part. Lazy yes, but like I said, this was my first major long term campaign.
After FOF, the PCs went directly to Yartar and to the Grand Dame as a celebration. There they met with Drylund and had some fun. They noted his octopus straight away, lucky me. I also had Drylund be the secret leader of the Shadow of Yartar (Yatrtar's thieves guild). They then spent a lot of time in Yartar just having shenanigans and doing back story stuff, meeting rivals etc, which I really enjoyed. They spent so much time there that I ended up moving the Fire giant attack to Yartar.

After that they moved out in earnest and met a wounded Harshnag, who had just taken down some fire giants too and was being circled by dire wolves. The party helped him out, got to know him patched him up, and in return he gave them the reason why the fire giants attacked. They take up the quest and he tells them to meet him far north to visit the All Father and to bring tithings, or they won't be able to get an audience. He goes off to make his own preparations.
I did this because I didn't want to have the PCs running back and forth, simple as. Plus I love side quests, and I wanted to use a LOT of homebrew, and I did. I opened up chapter 3 with the idea that they could go anywhere they wanted, and I just sprinkled ideas in when they came to me. Some ideas I had consisted of;
Time-wimey stuff. Hunting for giant crocodiles. A dumb artificer glitching bags of holdings in the area.
An old rich widow taking a shine to the disguised tiefling psychic sorc (UA material at the time.)
The rogue's long lost flame being SUPER EXTRA at their reunion. The aforementioned tiefling's player was stationed back to their home country, so we finished a mini arc where their rival (a kudos stealing Order Cleric) was finally taken down. The party weren't able to stop an assassination of the leader of Mirabar by the Kraken Society, which emboldened them and allowed them to come into a players back story. Transporting a werewolf.
A drop into Luskan to remove an aboleth curse and some more Slarky foreshadowing.
Finding out one of the Yartar nobility is the highest paid assassin in Faerun.
A member of a splinter group of House Cannith suffering from PTSD, whose story unfolded similarly to the DS9 episode 'Duet'
I pretty much built my own stuff and ran with it. Some worked and some failed (HARD), but whatever, right? Learning curve.
They went to Eye and got told what to do. Harshnag did his thing and while the temple was falling down the rogue decided to get a quick shot in with an arrow before they left. They hit Iymrith in the eye. IN THE EYE! They eventually got the conches from the fire, Ice and Hill giants. They DECIMATED the Hill giants. The Fire and Ice giants got off lightly compared to the Hill giants, and the Ice giants nearly got a PC killed. As mentioned earlier, they didn't bother with Stone or Cloud, with the in game reason being that they hadn't really any reason to go after them. Which was true.
They got to the Storm Giant's court and at that point they assumed this was the BBEG. They knew that a dragon had infiltrated the court, that Hekaton was missing and the other giants were taking advantage of the disarray. The players believed they were going in to finish. I let them think that. I also stressed that the other giants had never 'stormed' (heh) Maelstrom because no one actually knew if Hekaton was dead or not, and attacking would've been devastating for them if the king ever returned.
The scene went by the book until the warlock decided to dimension door into the throne room. He sees Serissa et al. and a blue giant...with an eye patch. Things moved quickly by the book once again, with the grand Dame being an easy find and Slarkethral (Yes, the mispronunciation became canon) turning up (Warlock deity back story happened here too.) After that, they flew to Ascore, where news of their mission had reached several larger cities. Some people hid as the giants and PCs approached and some cheered.
That brought us to tonight. I gave them the storm giants as help, and the potions of giant size. I figured I'd run it by the book for them, give them the NPCs to play as and let them loose. I was worried that the extras would make the fight easy, and to some extent it did. Thinking about it now however, having multi attack and extra characters helped them get over that 22AC more often than they would have otherwise. Iymrith got some solid hits in, shut down some attacks completely and Frightful Presence? That's harsh.
Was a lot of fun. PCs will mop up next session and then we'll start finishing back stories. There is a huge amount of stuff I should have done differently. You folks who have run it more often and know how to mitigate the weaknesses and enhance the strengths will no doubt have advice to offer, which I can only say...
"Thanks for the advice."
TLDR; I DM'd, things happened, Iymrith died.
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2021.09.17 20:56 RainbowAppIe What trans men say when they meet God:

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2021.09.17 20:56 Far-Channel-8827 Compulsion escalation please help

I started with looking of pictures of my favourite athletes, than I moved up to looking up pictures of lil nas x and watching his music videos I didn’t felt aroused or attracted in any of these instance... but today I decided to look up gay porn. I did not get aroused nor attracted I I just found disgusting and weird. After this I felt relief and a couple of minutes later the thought came back into my head that said “what if you are gay” since I knew this was false I replied “fuck yeah I am, I’m the gayest person in the world. I’m sooooo gay” but I as I was saying this I was feeling anxiety in my chest and now I feel sad and depressed I’ve been on the verge of a breakdown 3 times already and everyone the thought I of being gay comes back I have a mini breakdown and start panicking and ruining around my house. Can someone please tell me what to do and what not to do.
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2021.09.17 20:56 Skotinkin On three wins cart i granted access to the Lighthouse to another team

And a very long que for each match. Nice matchmaking improvements, Bungie. Thanks a lot.
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2021.09.17 20:56 FSsuxxon 'Law and order sound'

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