Facial Piercings?

2021.09.17 21:40 karinauhh Facial Piercings?

I just recently applied for the Disney college program & was gonna start the interview process. I have colored hair (but was just planning on dying it), and I have 2 facial piercings and 4 piercings on each of my ears. I was willing to take my nostril jewelry out everyday if I worked but just read that even if the hole is visible (even without jewelry in) that I can still be exempt from the program. I also read that only lobes were allowed (ear wise) but I have my tragus and daith pierced. I saw it on a Reddit post from 2015 so maybe the rules are different now? I’m surprised that I can be visibly tattooed but cant merely have a nostril piercing? I looked at the guidebook and it seemed like no piercings at all were allowed. The time I would be doing the program would be through this upcoming holiday season so I would have to wear a mask anyways right? Anyone with piercings doing the program right now?
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2021.09.17 21:40 UltraLayer 2 CONTROLLERS Bundle Microsoft XBOX 360 PRO Game Console Gaming System 4GB HDMI

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2021.09.17 21:40 axolitt My new baby girl just got her about 1hour name suggestions and does she look healthy

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2021.09.17 21:40 LiamQuantum ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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2021.09.17 21:40 stuartlover1 M36 Making friend text or chat

Hello im struggling with loneliness I have people to talk to at work but when I'm home I'm lonely my partner works late and my daughter is chatting with her friend. if you wanna chat I'm here.
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2021.09.17 21:40 magmameatballs just watched the ninjago movie it wasnt as bad as i have heard

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2021.09.17 21:40 didipunk006 Juste un Ontarien qui s'obstine pour dire que c'est correct du fromage râpé sur une poutine.

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2021.09.17 21:40 Kittehhh My two girls having an afternoon nap

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2021.09.17 21:40 shadowbizzl How cautious should someone be going into an abandoned church with working lights and water thats not obviously visible to the public?

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2021.09.17 21:40 ZIFIX Any idea why the files are located here ? I know it was used to be in the game file with MCBE but not this time, don't have a rooted device so I cannot access to this. I downloaded it from the Playstore

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2021.09.17 21:40 ellamariat IUD removed after three months due to infection but isn’t the risk of infection only for max 3 weeks after insertion??

Hi! I went to the doctors after having severe pain in my abdomen for i don’t even know how long. I had the copper coil fitted 3 months ago and since then the pain has been getting worse. At my doctors appointment my IUD was removed immediately and the doctor diagnosed me with pelvic inflammatory disease. I also have on my left ovary and liquid filled sack and the right Fallopian tube has some growth which is 3x3cm in size.
I’m just confused as to where the infection has come from as PID only comes shortly after the coil has been fitted so can’t be that ??? Or then from an sti but I’ve had the same sexual partner (my boyfriend) (is he sleeping with someone else with an sti??)
I’m asking here because the doctors here are really not giving me any information and are being very vague about this
I have a follow up next week where I’ll hopefully get more answers.
Of course they’ve tested for sti and blood tests have been taken but just looking for a heads up I guess
Are the abnormalities on my ovaries something I should be worried about? I’m not really surprised about it because this explains he immense pain I’ve been in but like...
I’m just confused ahhh
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2021.09.17 21:40 Klever423 Update to the Update: Lender wired wrong amount after close and wants me to cover the difference.

Part 1 Here

Part 2 Here

Quick recap: The mortgage lender wired funds for a 95% Loan to Value, but I was given disclosures and closed the loan with funds for 97% Loan to Value. They changed the loan after I closed and signed everything, and ultimately, I felt pressured to cough up the nearly 4k in difference in order to preserve the loan and still have possession on the house.
Hello again! I have another update on my unique situation, this time with a positive resolution! I ended up submitting a complaint to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau against the mortgage lender. They responded and are going to refund me the difference between the cash to close amounts! I honestly submitted the complaint and never expected anything to come of it, and just kind of forgot about it. I'm so overjoyed and relieved that I will be refunded the about $3,800, and on top of that the loan amount (and my monthly payments) will be staying lower, too! I'll post below my complaint and the company's response (edited for names and such), maybe in a comment if it gets too long. Thanks everyone for the input and advice, and I'm glad things were able to resolve in a positive manner for me, and I even came out somewhat on top!

YOUR COMPLAINT I was scheduled to close on my home on August 20, 2021. The lender servicing my mortgage is [Lender], and I was working with a mortgage broker at [Broker]. I was provided with final closing disclosures on August 19 showing a 3% down payment and closing costs associated with 97% LTV, which I acknowledged. The Loan Amount in the disclosure was for $234,255 with a cash to close figure of $7,611.19. I closed on the house the following morning, 11 AM on August 20, and brought the cash to close amount according to the disclosures I had received the previous day. All documents given to me at closing matched what I had acknowledged on the final closing disclosure the day before. Signing went smoothly and quickly, and I was given my copy of the closing documents and the keys to the home. Over 4 hours later, I received a frantic text message and phone call from my mortgage broker that there was an issue with my loan. I was told that the lender wired an amount that was different from the loan that was closed on. They sent out an amount at 95% LTV, and that I had to rush back to the title company with more cash and re-sign documents. I was told several hours after closing on the loan that I did not qualify for the 3% down Home Ready program because my income was too high, and that I needed to come up with the $4,918.73 difference. I was threatened that if I didn't return to the title company's office and sign the updated documents that the loan would voided, I would have to return the keys to the house, and I would have to start from square one. Fearing this, and wanting to still have possession of the house, I returned to the title office to re-sign. I did not return with more money, as I was told I could wait until the following Monday to do so, with hopes that something could get worked out over the weekend so I would not be stuck with the responsibility of covering this error. I signed the updated documents at 95% LTV that had a Loan Amount of $229,425 and cash to close of $12,529.92. By Monday, I was told by my mortgage broker that they had tried to do everything they could do fix the issue, but I do not believe this. I believe they are afraid of the large corporation mortgage lender and didn't want to encounter any resistance from them. My broker was able to add some lender credits that were taken off between the two loan amounts, so on Monday I was presented with yet another set of closing disclosures. These showed the same Loan Amount from the second set ($229,425), but had a slightly lower cash to close of $11,405.74. I was still on the hook for the difference of $3,794.55. Exhausted and frustrated, I emptied my bank accounts and brought another check to the title company for that amount. I should not be the one who was responsible for covering the difference because of the lender's error. I was presented with and acknowledged closing disclosures showing an approved loan with 3% down payment and 97% LTV. I closed on the same loan figures the following morning. I don't know how United Wholesale Mortgage can change the loan amount after the loan was approved and closed.

What would be a fair resolution to this issue? I would like for either [Lender] or [Broker] to cover the discrepancy between the 97% and 95% LTVs, and I would like to be made whole and refunded the extra $3,794.55 that I was pressured into bringing several days after closing on the house. The error was made on part of the lender, not myself, and I should not be held responsible for such an error. I feel the onus is being passed down the line to the smallest party (myself) with the smallest amount of leverage.

Company's Response Dear Mr. [Removed]: As described in the correspondence being forwarded to you today, I am contacting you on behalf of [Lender] in response to the above referenced complaint you filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In your complaint, you express concerns regarding changes to the terms of your loan prior to your recent loan closing which increased the cash required to close your loan. We have reviewed our records and will respond below. On July 19, 2021, an application for a purchase loan was submitted to [Lender on your behalf by your broker, the proceeds of which would be used to purchase property located at [Removed]. Just prior to the submission of your loan application you were provided with the enclosed Loan Estimate which outlines the estimated terms and costs associated with your loan. As noted on this document, the initial amount of your loan was $229,425 and the estimated cash to close for your loan was $14,910. Based on the purchase price of $241,500, the loan to value ratio (“LTV”) for your loan would be 95%. Please note that applicable investor guidelines for the conventional loan product you requested has an LTV limit of 95%. On August 2, 2021, your broker processed a change of circumstance locking your loan at 2.875% and you were provided with the enclosed Closing Disclosure, which was electronically signed by you on the same date. As noted in this document, your loan amount remained $229,425 and the cash required to close your loan reduced to $11,003.17. On August 19, 2021, your broker submitted a change of circumstance increasing your loan amount to $234,255 and as a result the LTV for your loan rose to 97%, above the permissible maximum LTV for the loan product you requested. Our records then reflect our Change of Circumstance Team processed this change to your loan amount and our systems automatically generated and forwarded to you the enclosed Closing Disclosure reflecting the increased loan amount, further reducing your cash to close amount to $7,611.19. However, based on the LTV limitation capping your loan’s LTV at 95%, the loan amount increase should not have been allowed and on August 20, 2021, our Underwriting Team contacted your broker to inform of the LTV limitations. Consequently, another Change of Circumstance was processed, decreasing your loan amount back to $229,425. The enclosed Closing Disclosure was then generated reflecting the updated loan amount and changes to your cash to close figures. Then, on August 23, 2021, additional lender credits were provided to you further reducing your cash to close figures and the enclosed final Closing Disclosure was issued and signed by you, updating the cash required for your closing to $11,405.74. Under these terms, your loan was closed and funded. Based on our review, we have confirmed that [Lender] erroneously generated a loan disclosure reflecting ineligible loan terms as a result of the Change in Circumstance processed by your broker to increase the amount of your loan. Due to the fact that you were provided with this inaccurate disclosure, [Lender] has agreed to provide a refund to you in the amount of $3,794.55. This amount represents the difference between the cash to close figures disclosed on the Closing Disclosure provided to you on August 19, 2021 in the amount of $7,611.19 and the same figures disclosed on the final Closing Disclosure you executed on August 23, 2021 in the amount of $11,405.74. On behalf of [Lender], I thank you for contacting us and allowing us this opportunity to address your concerns. I also wish to take this moment to apologize for the processing issues that occurred on your loan. We are using this matter as an opportunity to enhance our procedures surrounding the Change in Circumstance process to avoid reoccurrence. I am also currently processing a check request for the refund [Lender] is providing you and will forward you the check under separate cover. If you have any additional questions regarding your loan, please contact me using the contact information found on the first page of my correspondence. Sincerely, [Removed] Director of Consumer Affairs
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2021.09.17 21:40 tacos4life0623 [Xbox] [H] Credits [W] These striker bm bps below

Striker Tora Bp
Striker Dueling Dragons Bp
Striker Electroshock Bp
Striker Fireworks Bp
Striker Juiced Bp
Striker Party Time Bp
Striker Poly Pop Bp
Striker Popcorn Bp
Striker Sub Zero Bp
Striker Encryption Bp
Striker Biomass Bp
Striker Chameleon Bp
Striker Bubbly Bp
Striker Dissolver Bp
Striker Heatwave Bp
Striker Hexed Bp
Striker Labyrinth Bp
Striker Mainframe Bp
Striker Parallax Bp
If you have any of these or know anyone that had them please let me know
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2021.09.17 21:40 marc1309 Wikipedia blames pro-China infiltration for bans: Wikipedia has suffered an "infiltration" that sought to advance the aims of China, the US non-profit organisation that owns the volunteer-edited encyclopaedia has said.

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2021.09.17 21:40 DemandCommonSense [WTS] Holosun 512C and 7" Hera free-float quad rail (VA)

I accidentally purchased two Holosun 512Cs. But I only need one and the shop has an exorbitant restocking fee, so this one is a new, catch and release that was only removed to take pictures of. - $310
Also have a 7" Hera IRS quad rail that I used on pistol. I had to file down the centering tabs a bit to clear a billet upper but I touched it up and you'd never know once its mounted. I can pre-apply some Aeroshell on the barrel nut if you'd like. - $55 Prices are shipped F&F. G&S will require that you cover the fee.
Pictures can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/IpiK83s
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2021.09.17 21:40 j_curic_5 EQS as a wagon? (fan render)

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2021.09.17 21:40 General_District7645 Risperidon

0.5 mg each evening sounds good to me, just worrying about erectile dysfunction
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2021.09.17 21:40 Sad-Elderberry4615 i am going camping with my 6 year old daughter how can i help her pee outside

ok that is my questiong but i need more characters to meet the giudeline of a minimun of one hundred and fifty characters plese ignore this message it is irrelivant to the topic lol
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2021.09.17 21:40 pattiwe This email i got as confermation of an apointment

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2021.09.17 21:40 livinlikepatty [I ate] Creamy garlic & parmesan risotto with crispy bacon

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2021.09.17 21:40 Grape_RAthrowaway Me (25F) and my boyfriend (28M) are fighting about grapes

I hate grapes. I have not bought grapes or cherries in over 5 years. Why? Because when I first got my dog one of my roommates left several grapes on the floor that my dog ate. Grapes are incredibly poisonous (as cherry pits are) to dog. It was during my finals and I had to stay up until to 1AM trying to induce vomiting in my dog with hydrogen peroxide and an eventual 1000 dollars in vet fees that I had to beg my parent for.
Ever since then I have posted lists of foods that are lethal to dogs on the fridge and have directly asked every person I have lived with to be as careful as possible when eating these foods. In instances where I have found things like cherry pits or grapes on the floor I have directly asked that person to stop bringing it home or eating it in areas my dog can get to. It’s dramatic but my dogs health and well being in my hands and I take it extremely seriously. My dog is an ESA for anxiety and depression and she really changed my life when I got her.
My boyfriend bought a bag of grapes that has suspiciously been sitting in the fridge for three weeks. When I see them I urge him to be careful but after 3 weeks of them sitting there I kind of just hope he has got the message. I’ll be honest- grapes are a huge sore spot for me and I know my hate of them is not reasonable. Thus I do try to tone it down and be polite, but I always at least mention to be careful.
Queue this morning. I pulled a grape out of my dogs mouth that she wanted to eat. I’m upset. I tell my boyfriend since he is the only one who could have done it (just the 2 of us and I hate grapes). At first he is just like whatever. Eventually he realizes how upset I am and googles ‘can dogs eat grapes’. Then he apologizes and says he didn’t realize how serious it was. I find it frustrating because I have tried to communicate how serious it was many times including the story above.
Well I now I say that we shouldn’t have grapes in the apartment. His work provides free fruit and he can still eat them at restaurants but no more bags of grapes at home. In the year we have been together I’ve only seen him buy grapes 2-3 times and he is never in a rush to eat them. Seeing them in my house has always made me anxious but now I feel like it’ll just be worsened.
Obviously, I would not be making this post if he agreed. The great grape debate is wide open for discussion, but it should be noted that the bag of grapes in question is already in the trash. My dear friend reddit, what do you think? Am I unreasonable in my removal of grapes in the apartment? Or should we go back to being ‘careful’ and I need to deal with living with my arch nemesis (the grapes- not the boyfriend). I also feel there could be bigger issues at play because he never really liked dogs (though clames to ‘love’ mine).
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2021.09.17 21:40 ShiftySheriff Dentist too

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2021.09.17 21:40 MiniPigeon How close is everything to falling apart? Considering climate, war, disease, inequality, demographic trends, technological change..... how close do you feel the wheels are to coming off, where you are?

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2021.09.17 21:40 HKQ23 I just can’t with these batches anymore LOL, this is CAD, so like $20 and $12 USD. These used to be worth at least $40-$50 before.

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2021.09.17 21:40 SaberOfTheAbyss Anyone got any tips for drawing symmetrical faces/eyes?

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