2021.09.17 22:30 Thatoneguy-42 Question

How does one remove a callus from underneath a finger or toenail?
I pinched my finger in a yard gate and whelp it callused real good most of it had peeled and healed but part of it is under the finger nail and it is really annoying it feels likes it’s trying to push my nail up and off my finger so I would like to try and remove it
Any help with this would help me a ton
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2021.09.17 22:30 AdExcellent5839 Randy Cramer - it’s hard to swallow but it’s makes a lot of sense

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2021.09.17 22:30 onrakgl07 Hair loss

Hi.2 years ago When I was 18,I got diagnosed with Lichen Planus(not planopilaris).It lasted for 6 months and my whole body was itchy,but I don’t remember If my scalp was affected too.Though I am certain there were no big scars.Before that,my hairline was receding from the sides slowly but top of my hair was still dense and thick.At the same time with the diagnose,my hair suddenly became very thin.Now many months has passed and my hair is still pretty much the same.My hair is not falling out nor getting thinner. So my question is;Can Lichen Planus affect your hair fossils without scarring? Thank you.
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2021.09.17 22:30 T_DMac What are some of your favorite Hollywood Fixer stories ?

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2021.09.17 22:30 LilyMcAllister 30% OFF + COUPON! Amazon's Choice [Amazon] BLACK+DECKER 6 Speed Hand Mixer with 5 Attachments & Storage Case, Hand Blender, Black, MX3200B-F

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2021.09.17 22:30 montezumay Zofran + 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

I spectacularly "failed" my three hour glucose tolerance test this morning due to getting sick around the one hour mark. I did not get the first blood draw, but my fasting levels were 74. Humans should not be forced to consume 100g of sugar in five minutes. It is torture.
Anyway - my OB has offered that I retake the test while taking Zofran beforehand to help with the nausea. I have not had to take Zofran for this pregnancy before - will it actually help me complete the exam? Anyone else get sick during the test have another trick/tip to complete it?
My other option was to bypass the test and just proceed as if I did have GD. They didn't give me the option of monitoring for a short period of time as substitution for the test.
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2021.09.17 22:30 SofiBK If ghosts were from 2004-2007: what would they be like?

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2021.09.17 22:30 Beautiful_Fishing569 Mu Listen Sic

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2021.09.17 22:30 TerraZ4 (OC) Ultimate Waybig fight scene in OV.

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2021.09.17 22:30 StalkedbyDemon She always knows what to say

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2021.09.17 22:30 AnonymousZhao Quantas vezes é preciso escovar os dentes por dia?

Estou querendo melhorar minha higiene bucal (que nunca foi das melhores) e tenho escovado e passado plax 3x por dia, quando acordo, depois do almoço e no jantar, mas não sei se é o adequado
Quantas vezes é bom escovar os dentes?
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2021.09.17 22:30 DarkRaider758 [USA-FL] [H] PayPal , [W] 1440p 144hz

Hey swappers! I'm in the market for a 1440p 144hz monitor, preferably IPS or even TN but not VA for sure. Was looking to get one on Amazon but figured I'd try here first. Price range is $250 shipped? If it's a higher end LG monitor or so on I can do ~275-280. As with my other trades I will note that I am using a freight forwarder based in Miami to ship to the Caribbean. Cheers. And comment before PM
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2021.09.17 22:30 theroughprobation ️PowerChain⚡️ $PWRC | Fair launched just now! | Changing the power supply

⚡️PowerChain️ ($PWRC) is a Binance Smart Chain Network token. This token is designed to act as a new way to sell or buy overproduced energy. Right now more and more people are producing their own energy for example by using solar panels. You can sell your overproduced energy to other people or companies who need it. With $PWRC and by using our upcoming platform, you will be able to sell or buy energy all by yourself. No third parties required.
We have a huge marketing campain and investors ready. For more details, visit our roadmap on the website when launched.
Buy here:
PowerChain details and tokenomics:
🎉 Fair Launched
✅ Audited
✅ Locked Liquidy
✅ Anti-Dump mechanism
✅ Verified and Doxxed Teams
⛔ ️No Presale
💵 2% Auto Liquidity
📈 2% Marketing wallet
Website: Under development
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2021.09.17 22:30 snkde LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Kai’s Blade Cycle Ninja Motorcycle Playset $6.99 at Amazon

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2021.09.17 22:30 pasturemaster Sion is essentially the old Mageseeker archetype done right

For those who do not know, early on, Mageseeker Inciter and Mageseeker Pursuader had an on play effect that would give them Power or Health based on the cost of Spell you discarded while playing them. They didn't really see play, they weren't really viable, and most people don't find discarding their more interesting spells to buff a vanilla unit fun, so they were reworked to what we see today.
Interestingly, Sion encourages similar lines of play to old Mageseekers, rewarding players for discarding units with high power (instead of spells with high costs). I think the main differentiation here is not the card that benefits from the discarding, but the cards that synergize with being discarded.
In Noxus, you are happy discarding your Lost Souls and Fallen riders, as it unlocks other cards for you. I now feel like this was a real missed opportunity for the Mageseeker archetype. Imagine if [[For Demacia!]] (or other high cost Demacia cards) had an additional effect like; "When discarded, make a Prismatic Barrier in hand" (other balancing would maybe be needed to keep the card in line). Suddenly you are happy discarding your spells to buff your units, and get a their discard bonus prize. This would revive the Demacia Piltover (other discard effects) pairing that Lux was intended to have and I think it would be more interesting than the current "play a 6 cost spell once" archetype.
You could even make Lux a proper champion, giving a level up condition that isn't just the same as her value engine post levelling up, something like: "You have played or discarded 20 mana worth of spells this game." (again, possibly with some other balance tweaks)
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2021.09.17 22:30 typomen My ratings and impressions on all the Cog/HG I've read: Part 2

Part 2 of I saw someone else do this so I decided to try it myself. Because, you know, who doesn't love a copycat? Also, I learned how to cover spoilers, so it's all good now. Special thanks to u/yasirkula for that.
• The Parenting Simulator: 8.5/10. Someone reminded me of it in the first post and I remembered I never got to turn my little project into a sports legend so I had to go back and do that. It's a right game, it doesn't really miss, delivers what promises and you really grow attached to your thing. What bothered me tho and the reason it only gets 8.5 is the lack of dating scenes! Like wtf, how do you describe years of a teenagers life and you don't say a word about dating? I couldn't wait to give dating advice and laugh my ass off. Or maybe other people would've gotten sad. Maybe some would've gotten a conversation about life woth their kids, who knows, but just inagine how better the game would've been, how much dating would've added to it If it wasn't for that, this game would've been 11/10. Now about the underrated/overrated rating, some people talk about it, others don't, so idk, I guess it's underrated.
• Creme de la Creme: 8.5/10. Come on, you can't not love this game. It's like going to hogwarts. Sports, studies, mysteries, everything you want and need, a cozy small town just a few feet away from the school's gates. From the conversation I've seen people have about it, not everyone likes it that much for different reasons and flaws (or at least so I remember) and idk, it might be valid, but I loved Harry Potter as a kid and this game really gave me that same vibe, so I wouldn't know. Anyway, decent story, good characters, you can get a very satisfying ending, underrated game no doubt.
• Butler did it: 9/10. Oh my god this game is long. But it's also very cool and unexpectedly good. Good action, an ongoing mystery, it's like a puzzle and you get to it piece by piece, I loved the endings, the characters are ok, kinda generic tho now that I think about it, like active agile extroverted burglar girl who doesn't fear anything, and austere tech guy closed in himself. Kinda mainstream, isn't it?. What I surprisingly enjoyed about this game, is that your stats grow very easy. And that's somewhat nice. It bothered me at first from what I remember you don't need them too much anyway towards the end when all 3 are maxed out so no harm done. It was maybe more satisfying to see your MC become a master of all 3. Overall a good underrated game, I really recommend it.
• The Lawless Ones: 8.5/10. It gives me A Study in Steampunk vibes. A good game, a very good game actually, you do villain type of stuff although you get to decide what kind of person your MC is. The action is good, and it's like one of those cartoons where the episodes don't really have continuity (except for the fact that you grow), you do stuff and grow in age, and it's cool. There is an important, central issue but even if it is the core of the game (kinda) it never gave me the feeling that it's a matter that important. I mean, it's important, sure, but it's not like every chapter (almost none of them actually) is related to it. It just kinda happens once in a while and reminds everyone of its existence. And that's not really a bad thing. I can't think of another way it could've been implemented. What really bothered me tho are the characters, and precisely your group of friends. They all have backstories, they are all interesting, but they are kinda lame, aren't they? I mean, 6 skills, 6 kids and each one of them has one of those particular skills and the stereotype that goes with it the heroic and righteous super strong guy (he John Cena of ghe book), secretive stealth girl, extroverted attractive silver tongue girl, quiet introverted tech guy, sneaky trickster who acts and talks like a player and lasy but not least constantly active, laughing at dumb jokes, athletic girl. Speaking of which, in my opinion Swift's and the guy's with the cards characters are the best and most interesting.. Anyway, you got the point. Generic skills combined with stereotypes and it bothered me all game. Now, you may wonder, what makes it different compared to the "Butler did it" and why is it lower rated? Honestly? Nothing. They are pretty similar, stereotypes, mysteries, a not so pressing issue, so idk, The Butler did it just hit closer to home for me. I love both games anyway. So why didn't I present this issues in the BTDI review as I did with the LO? Idk, this stuff comes in mind as I write, I probably wasn't even thinking of the similarities before I wrote both reviews. Now that's out of the way, this game is not on app store or CoG/HG library, but you can google it and play it on dashingdon for free. It is a bit overrated and it comes to that when you compare these issues with the fact that everyone loves it, but still, I highly recommend it.
• War of 2022: 4.5/10. Um... it is a game. It's not that bad, the fighting scenes and use of tactics deliver, but everything else is... wack. Correct me if I'm wrong but at some point, when you become a full on soldier, your mom tells you not to listen blindly to everything the republic tells you and that could've gone so good. Like, you could've later been put in a situation where you had to choose between army and morality. It could've been pretty intense but no, that was that and was never mentioned again. Disappointing And it was kinda boring overall but idk, that's just my opinion. Not a lot of people liked it, but still I can't call this game underrated.
• Somme trench: 9/10. You gotta love it. Authentic educational World War 1 action and trench life. This game delivers and that's it. So what's the difference between this one and War of 2022? Well, everything really. Fist of all Somme Trench relates to actual events that put their stamo on humanity so it's easier to get invested in the action and combat scenes, while War of 2022 is a work of fiction, and you'd expect a little bit more from a work of fiction. The infinity series is the perfect example. And even if it wasn't for that, the actions and words just flow a different way, Somme trench is different gravy. Not a lot of people talk about it, and I can see why, not everyone is invested in this kind of game/narrative, but still underrated af.
Doomsday on Demand: Priceless. The book that got me into this type of games. I don't care what people say, the action is flawless, the characters are amazing and the way it is written is superb. Numbers can't describe my appreciation for this one. They can for the second one tho: 5/10 and a big thumbs down for the disappointment I felt at the end compared to the enthusiasm at the start.
Fewer titles this time but it took me a while to write these and you know how extended screen time is bad and all that. There are still a lot of books left that I can't wait to talk about. Till next time.
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2021.09.17 22:30 Edd-7 it always ends up like this when there's a date

we talk for a while get to know each other it's all fun and after a while they ask me out on a date if I don't and I encourage it a little and be optimistic when they do and when the time comes I call them to see whatsup and there like sorry I'm not feeling it I'm busy today or something like that they suggested it in the first place why back out now this is like the third time this has happened I'm seriously confused by this If anyone has an idea drop it below please
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2021.09.17 22:30 mar0x Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm scared for what apes uncover this weekend, lmao. #apes go $brr

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2021.09.17 22:30 ThroatWest3386 New Pops from the last couple days

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2021.09.17 22:30 FacundofATL IC-9700 DD mode Setup on PC?

I have been trying to find information on how to setup the IC-9700 for DD mode through a repeater. I am also interested in the network settings for the connected PC. There is very little to no information online, and the Icom advanced manual is not very helpful in this topic. I’d like to establish a link on 23 cm to W4DOC or WX4GPB repeaters, module DD. Anybody have any resources or experience with this that you would be willing to share?
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2021.09.17 22:30 ShortAlgo $LHCG Waiting for Buy signal on LHCG with

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2021.09.17 22:30 FuctUpG Someone with Twitter

Someone with Twitter please send in a SS of that massive green candle 1 minute after close with 13,439,837 shares bought and ask Gary G for an explanation. #ProsecuteTheFraud We are fed up with the blatant manipulation and outright theft! Enough is enough I will take my shares to the grave with me and I will pass them on to my kid before I ever let them buy them back! My kid will pass them on to their kid and so on!
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2021.09.17 22:30 Fxckbuckets Makes me giggle everytime I look at it

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2021.09.17 22:30 cinematic99 Mom said you have to let me come

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2021.09.17 22:30 hmm-okaaay [Hiring] (Remote) Consultant to review app disclosures for compliance with Google Play policy

My company has an Android app that collects data from the phone and uses the phone’s location to map the data. Some of the data it collects is private/sensitive (e.g., phone number). The app was recently removed from the Google Play Store due to violations of the disclosure policy and our attempts to fix the disclosures ourselves have thus far been unsuccessful.
We’re looking to hire a consultant who can review the disclosure text, identify violations/issues, and make recommendations for how to fix the text to get it back in the Play Store. We don’t need help with implementation—we just need your expertise.
Candidates should have experience with the new Google policies, including success getting an app approved for collection of phone information (number, SIM operator, phone model) and location.
We’re located near Washington, DC, USA, but the job would be 100% remote. We’re looking to pay $100/hour for up to 5 hours of work.
If you’re interested, PM me with your experience and we can set up a time to talk. (You can also check my post history for a little more information about the app disclosures in question. However, we’ve made additional edits since then…which also got rejected.) Thanks!
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