2021.09.17 21:35 BoxCoxTransform @itsheavenxo

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2021.09.17 21:35 KadiDuzIt KadiDuzIt x Juicy J x NLE Choppa x Free Memphis Type Beat "Greaze"

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2021.09.17 21:35 KinLisette Upland’s Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day, Uplanders! On this day in 1787, members of the Constitutional Convention signed the final draft of the U.S. Constitution. As a result, September 17th is celebrated every year as Constitution Day.
In keeping with that spirit, this day will now forever be known in the Upland Metaverse as the day we ratified the Upland Constitution!
The Upland Constitution is intended to serve as community guidelines for metaverse governance. As the metaverse continues to develop Amendments will be added as necessary. Make sure you know your consitution by giving it a read by clicking on the link below.
Happy Constitution Day, Upland!
Read The Upland Constitution Here: https://community.upland.me/constitution
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2021.09.17 21:35 Athena_The_Funny I have no regrets :'D

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2021.09.17 21:35 eskacat What build would you use for an Azata Bard ?

Hi guys!
I'm currently looking for an Azata Bard build but can't seem to find one.
I'll play in Normal Mode so I'd like to have no dip if possible. I think I'd like my Bard to be a melee character, I wouldn't mind a Dirge tho.
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2021.09.17 21:35 bhale21 Is there a way to ensure that temple work is never done for a loved one who passed away?

My brother, who was unmarried and a non-believer, passed away just over two years ago. One of my cousins now wants to do his temple work and I'm certain that he would be against that idea -- even though he knows it's make-believe. Legally, is there any way to guarantee that it doesn't happen? The cousin asked my other brother to enter some information into Family Search, so there must be something inside that database to make deceased people eligible for it??? Is there something in the database that would indicate that the deceased person shouldn't have the work done?
Thanks in advance for the advice/help.
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2021.09.17 21:35 degradation_domain feeding spring onions to the chicken... and a rooster

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2021.09.17 21:35 post-news Democrats slip pro-union provisions into massive spending package

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2021.09.17 21:35 AutismIsntAChoice Why is the media spending so much time on this Gabby Petitio?

Don’t people go missing a lot? Is it that unique of a story? What makes the media pick this one over all the other people? This story doesn’t seem that interesting
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2021.09.17 21:35 ItsmeYaboi69xd Just curious but, is it normal for a doctor interviewing students to wish good luck on future interviews? Kinda surprised me.

Title. Thanks :)
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2021.09.17 21:35 Tatomtotts Best position and assists for vegito?

This character is cracked I love him how can I optimize him?
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2021.09.17 21:35 mattgrave A-ha - Take On Me (Robert Nickson Bootleg)

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2021.09.17 21:35 AndrewAllStar888 Whooky Sack the 2nd

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2021.09.17 21:35 loveorleavekpop Why does popularity in Asia matters for a rookie kpop group's success??

I just made one post about korean gp and here i am again with another similar question lol
1) Why does having popularity in Asia matter so much for rookies? I saw someone saying that Asian gp/fans support matters more [and ppl agreed with them] bcoz it further makes them more known to the west (or something like that). They also gave an example of a bg having a big western fanbase but fewer Asian fans thus stopping the group from being a big group. I can't remember what that post was about otherwise I would have directly referenced that comment.
I wonder how this all works and how having a big Asian fanbase is connected to getting a big western fanbase/popularity later on?
2) Also except for the obvious ones like BTS, BP, EXO, and TWICE what are some other groups that are famous in asian countries and have a very big asian fanbase [rookies mainly but senior groups too] ??
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2021.09.17 21:35 eeeeeeeeeeeeeejj Can you repair this?

Can you repair this? Someone want to sell me this for 240€ even tho back look good and everything i hate the fact that its damaged. So my question is would this be worth even damaged like that or could i increase by repairing it
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2021.09.17 21:35 mechroid "Happy belated Birthday" is the five-second rule stretched out to fit a person's lifetime

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2021.09.17 21:35 Intricate08 Comprehensive Stat-Tier Breakdown -- What breakpoints do I get the most value from?

Early this morning, in a min-max induced frenzy, I worked out intellect vs discipline for the build I planned to run in trials this weekend. You may have already seen it. People seemed to appreciate it, and Zentryl requested "distribution for all stats."
Being that my day job is data analysis/data entry, and just generally making spreadsheets, I figured the community might be able to use something along these lines, so I present the comprehensive stat-tier breakdown.
I have organized it by both class, and light-v-stasis. Strength changes per class, AND light-v-stasis, so it gets its own sheet.
The only thing you may still long for is resilience breakpoints-- to that I say, good luck. It's finnicky to work out a "best resil" breakpoint, mostly because there are a lot of guns, and damage modifiers in this game. (What's the breakpoint for autos killing you while charged with light, for instance? How many sidearm shots does it take if my opponent is standing in an empowering well whilst eating cheetos and petting his dog with the other hand?)
I hope this will help in your quest to get the perfect gearset, deciding if that last point of strength is worth it over that extra point in intellect! Good luck!
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2021.09.17 21:35 CheLang Help! The Elven Catacombs.

I could do with some help. I know this place of power is in the Elven Catacombs below, the last time I came here was with Keira Metz some few months ago now and I would like to entre this area again and complete the location that is next to the place of power, but I do not know how to get into the catacombs again. Or rather, I know where the entrance is, but I cannot get over that bridge because before, Keira just cast a portal to do that for me. Does anyone know how I can get there?
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2021.09.17 21:35 Major_Bandicoot_3239 Bitcoin bulls look to profit from Friday’s $195M BTC options expiry

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2021.09.17 21:35 KadiDuzIt KadiDuzIt x Juicy J x NLE Choppa x Free Memphis Type Beat "Greaze"

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2021.09.17 21:35 AntiqueBeachDream Was gifted some monster lemons. Grew these from the seeds. Lemon tree was destroyed by TX winter. These are all that remain! When do I repot?! I want to keep them thriving.

Was gifted some monster lemons. Grew these from the seeds. Lemon tree was destroyed by TX winter. These are all that remain! When do I repot?! I want to keep them thriving. submitted by AntiqueBeachDream to IndoorGarden [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 21:35 Oblomovkin Packaging of my girlfriend's pills

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2021.09.17 21:35 AspenBrewingCo Aspen Brewing Co. is Hiring!

Aspen Brewing Company is looking for a driven and enthusiastic Production Assistant to work in our Aspen, Colorado brewery. Aspen Brewing Company is well known throughout Colorado for award-winning beer, vibrant company culture, and location in one of the world’s premier ski towns. This position will report directly to the brewmaster and be required to work 8am - 4pm Monday through Friday.
Main Responsibilities:

Job Requirements
Job Type
How to apply
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2021.09.17 21:35 curt48snow Legit natural influencers

I love this sub Reddit because from what I’ve seen all the guys are honest and open about what type of stuff they’re taking, but my question is do you guys know of any bodybuilding influencers on Instagram that are indeed legit natural?
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2021.09.17 21:35 Ch4de_ How to sell my card

So I bought a booster on impulse and opened a gorgeous glaceon-v with alt art. I saw someone put it on ebay for 80€. Should I grade it?
Also should I wait until it goes out of print for a better price?
Thanks :)
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