Id please? Found under some trees on a cemetery in Norway when i was out walking my dog.

2021.09.17 21:05 Numerous_Mirror_6589 Id please? Found under some trees on a cemetery in Norway when i was out walking my dog.

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2021.09.17 21:05 Master-Beach2124 Best dash cam for TT mark 1?

Looking to get a dash cam for my 2004 Quattro TT. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you
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2021.09.17 21:05 Reiner99 Gabriela Cerruti pidió la renuncia de Fernanda Vallejos: “Si pensás todo eso, andate”

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2021.09.17 21:05 worldnewsbot Scientists have found individuals with high levels of cognitive activity (top 10%) developed Alzheimer’s at an average age of 93.6 years — five years later than those individuals with low levels of cognitive activity (bottom 10%), who developed the disease at an average of 88.6 years.

Scientists have found individuals with high levels of cognitive activity (top 10%) developed Alzheimer’s at an average age of 93.6 years — five years later than those individuals with low levels of cognitive activity (bottom 10%), who developed the disease at an average of 88.6 years. submitted by worldnewsbot to theworldnews [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 21:05 PNWtapir Steward election do-over

Has anyone ever heard of a union having a do-over shop steward election? My local had a recent election and two members are contesting the outcome. One of them ran for the position but lost.
By all appearances the Teamsters ran a fair election, but now due to a couple of complainers they said they will have the election again. I’d love input from anyone that’s seen this happen, thanks!
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2021.09.17 21:05 Red_or_Green My dog likes playing with rocks.

She’s a 4 year old miniature dachshund and when we’re outside, her favorite thing to do is to find the chosen rock and she will obsessively bring us that rock to throw for her to fetch and push around in the dirt. And it’s never the same rock everyday. She likes to choose a new one every time we hangout outside. She doesn’t swallow them nor does she chew on them but it just seems like such an odd behavior. When we’re indoors her favorite toy is a tennis ball, but she won’t play with a tennis ball outside. The only exception is when we go to the park and I bring out the frisbee. Then it’s all about the frisbee. I just want to know if it’s something we should worry about. I never really thought of it until my friends point out how odd it was.
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2021.09.17 21:05 Catpeasheatfish Hi! I’m a newbie and was wondering if anyone could tell me if these skates are any good?

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2021.09.17 21:05 Flashy_Question9518 Walmart refund

Can someone please help with a refund?
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2021.09.17 21:05 GrandGrapeSoda QR scavenger hunt

My college campus is a little drab so I want to add some mystery. I was thinking of spray painting so QR code’s around campus. They would be very hidden, and probably chalk based so I can’t be arrested. The only trouble is I don’t know what to put on these QR codes. I was thinking maybe doing something like the poneglyphs in One Piece, where you need to scan every code to find a treasure. Any suggestions?
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2021.09.17 21:05 dudewut Lack of Customer Support?

Has anyone had luck getting a hold of customer support? I am having issues with my ticket order and I have been unable to get a response from anyone at Governors Ball or Front Gate Tickets. The phone number goes to a prerecorded message telling you that they are straight up not taking any calls, and they seem to just ignore all electronic messages? Not sure what else to do. Anyone been successful in reaching customer support, is there a different phone number or something I can try?
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2021.09.17 21:05 WIN_wtachface [WIN] Super INFMOD M Hello friends! As many have requested, now available on Galaxy watch 4 and Wear OS Thanks for your support! 🍀

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2021.09.17 21:05 GaleUs9860 [Spoiler : Patch5.0] What i expected from Shadownbrinbger's story

Hello, hello, longtime lurker, first-time poster so i would like to apologize in advance in case things go wrong in my post.
After 2 years of Shadowbringer, i wanted to share with others my expectations were before 5.0 and 5.3 hit, because lets' be honest : the story didn't go 100% as most of us expected.
I - A bit of context first
So, at the end of patch 4.55, most of the Scions are in sleeping state, in real life Shadowbringer's full trailer is out and we already knows that the story will take place in the First. We know that there is a Crystal Tower in the First and that the Flood of Light is still a thing there because the sky is all yellowly in the trailer. We also know that we are expected to become the WoD and that the Scions were somehow linked to the people we see in the trailer : they shared the same face as the scions we knew. We also knows that there is a plot about history being re-written and we also meet some Ampador's mobs ( the gremlin and the Winged Sin Eater ). So based only on the trailer and the informations that the game gave us ( not including the Shadowbringer story hints that Yoshi-P gave us along with the liveletters)
II - My expectations
A) The Scions
Well i will be honest, i first thought that the Scions we saw in the trailer were genuine people of the First. I genuinely thought that we had a First-thancred, First-Minfilia, First-Uriangier, etc because of the fact that Urianger adressed Y'shtola as " Matoya "'. My theory was that every Scions we saw in the trailer weren't the Scions we knew nor that they were the Scions of the First. I thought that the FIrst didn't have such an equivalent and that we as a WoD would have to build the Scions from the ground into an organisation we could leave the First to once we left. The "Matoya" curveball also made me think that if some names got swapped, we could have access to the First-versions of some of the Scions that died along the way ( Papalymo, Moenbryda, Soccer-Ball I mean Cabbage-fairy ) or other dead characters like Ysayle, Haurchefant with different names and personality. This could have been an opportunity to give us alternate story to charcters we liked and got shafted or some really weird stories : imagine a skirt chaser Uriangier like Thancred was known for in the Source. The Crystal Exarch in this situation would have been a First version of Alphinaud that is slightly older who was born as a lone child ( so no First-Alisaie)
B) The jobs stories
Pretty simple : we have a questchain for each jobs where we learn the moves of the equivalent of each jobs in the First. Warriors ( Source ) learn from berserkers ( would-be First ), Dragoons from Valkiries, astrologians from geomancers, white mage from devouts, black from sorcerers, etc...
C) The Story
Well, that is a huge part of my theories.
My first theory was the following : Zodiark and Hydaelyn were once one and the same, just different faces of the same coin and choose to split because you know siblings fight ( even if they were one and the same to begin with, it's like that whoever they were looked at their face in the mirror and began to fight its own .... REFLECTION haha ). To make it simpler i thought that Zodaelyn or Hydiark ( Zodiark + Hydaelyn ) was a thing. To add to that, i also thought that if there were a Blessing of Light, a Blessing of Darkness could exist and that we would get it to become the WoD. Why would that make things interesting ? We know that the blessing of Light grants us immunity to other Primal's enthrallement. They can't make us their waifu/husbandos even if they try their hardest because we are already "claimed" as Ifrit put it back in 1.0 / 2.0. My theory was that by getting the Blessing of Darkness, Zodiark would try to whisper us to get to his side once and for all and make us an Ascian unlike Hydaelyn who shut her mouth most of the time. Moreover, that blessing of Darkness, unlike the Blessing of Light, could grant the abilty to enthrall the Primals we meet : we could put Primals under our control and make them our pawns. But "why do that ? "you could ask dear reader . Well, it comes to my second theory about the story...
Second theory : the primals would be used to save the First. On the Source, Primals are a threat to existence as they drain the aether of the planet and have to be killed by WoLs, so we would do the reverse and ask them for their help as WoD in the FIrst. My plan was to force the Primals that we would put under our control to " drain the Light " and "taint " it back to either Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Wind or even Dark aether. That way we would bring things back to what they were and by forcing them to reject all that "tainted" aether back to the First itself, they would self-destruct by lack of aether killing 2 birds with one stone. But by "tainting" the aether back to what it was, it also leaves us more open to enthrallement : imagine having to resist the voices of 7+ primals all at once without even taking into account the whispers of Zodiark. Then, after the balance is restored to the First, we would go all Berserk-style and we would turn against the remaining Primals that are still alive and we would massacre all of of them mercilesslly because we are slowly losing it against the tempering attempts.
Imagine a scene where Titania ( as a Primal ) is all happy to see us succeding to restore the balance and singing along with her people, then we arrive, we smile, she waves at us and we join all of the fae-folk, we share a meal and celebrate our victory. Tears of joy are cried, alcohol flows like rivers, Titania asks us for some private time because she wants to show us the gardens that were restored along with the balance. Then comes some hear-felt thanks for our deeds, then a voice in our head asks us to kill Titania. We refuses, a pain in our head comes to us, Titania seeing us suffering and comes nearer and asks what is wrong. The voice becomes stronger, and more demanding as our hands are slowly grasping our weapons. Then the voice speak of the Scions, our Scions, their souls have been trapped by said voice and it says that if we don't comply, we will lose Source-Scions as we hear their pleas for help as they are torured . Titania suddenly realizes what is going on and ask the WoD to do the deed. She smiles kindly and a tear flows from her sad face. In an instant, we lose control and the deed is done, Titania falls to the ground as she fades into nothing. The WoL falls into despair as they betrayed one of their comrade. In our head, only one calm voice remains : " Hear, Feel, Think ".
3rd theory : We fight against the blessing of Light
Yes... the one pushing us to kill Primals is not Zodiark, it's HYDAELYN. Why would she demand us to slay the Primals now ? After the balance is restored, our Blessing of Darkness fades and comes back the Blessing of Light ( Hydaelyn is "in charge" when things are "normal" like in the Source, and now that the balance is restored, Hydaelyn is back in charge in the First ) Because they are now the number 1 threat to the First, we must kill all Primals. From that point we are forced to slowly betray the other Primals and also making ennemies out of every beast-tribes that we helped to invoke them. Then comes blood, a lot of blood, our name is sullied and we are branded as the greatest evil of the First. We becomes the true WoD and it's on a half-victory half-defeat that we wish to back to the Source ( end of "my" 5.0 ) but we are still stuck on the First as long as there is at least 1 Primal still active.
Then all of my 5.1 to 5.3 patches would be the First-Scions trying to find a way to break the Blessing of Light while the WoL tries to resist the voice of Hydaelyn as much as they can. To delay as much as the WoL can, between each kills, the WoL tries to call for Zodiark during their spare time to no avail. Then any Ascian would come and try to Ascian-ize us with the help of a weak Zodiark but that also ends in failure. The whole thing come to an epic battle in the would-be 5.3 where we fight a Possessed by Hydaelyn First-Minfilia that we end up killing with our own hands to break the Blessing of Light once and for all and finally go back to the Source while liberating our Friends. Leaving on a bitter-sweet note as one world was saved at the price of one person.

Here are my wildest theories that i had about the story for 5.0 to 5.3. . What do you think about it ? And what about the theories you had ? I'm alway curious about what the story could have been or how other people thought the story was going to go before the release. Thank you for reading my wild delusions if you had the courage to do so ! If you wish to share your expectations about 5.0 story, please don't hold back !
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2021.09.17 21:05 Shipra1992 Anybody has any idea how can I get rid of root mealybugs ??

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