Monacan land reclamation efforts, from 1300s to 2010.

2021.10.22 15:51 Myrockeatscock Monacan land reclamation efforts, from 1300s to 2010.

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2021.10.22 15:51 CpnStumpy Help configuring 3070 for good visuals

I have a good rig, Ryzen 9 and 3070, everything works fine. Put it together recently, and have done nothing to tweak anything really.
I enjoy Airlink with it, as well as VD, tell me please which menus - or apps(ODT? Or is that obsoleted with current oculus?) I should go through to tune this up as I persistently hear about "DLSS", but never saw that in a menu, so perhaps if someone with a beefy 3070 machine can indicate what they've done to get their best visuals and generally take advantage of the hardware, it would be appreciated!
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2021.10.22 15:51 kisstheraino BTC to 80k next week. Alts not far behind..

I see the numbers jumping around like crazy. Good news everywhere. My TAs and formulas inform me that 80k should be imminent next week for BTC.
Does history repeat itself? Yes. Are we in a bulllrun? Well I don't see any snowflakes around so winter is far away. On another note, I still don't know what ADA does. Are people still buying SHIB? Safe home isn't such a Hot topic anymore is it? Many discussions too had. Next week will be interesting.
I love cryptocurrency.
Quoting the immortal Celine Dion:
Near far wherever you are
I believe that the heart goes on.
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.
Bless you my little cryptocoins
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2021.10.22 15:51 SkyRogerX Poor Usopp

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2021.10.22 15:51 phontacid ethereal x icytwat type beat "starpower" [prod iceclimb3r]

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2021.10.22 15:51 ilovebagels123 Ready for Halloween 🎃

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2021.10.22 15:51 Auroraelisee A dupe or something similar to this ysl bodysuit?!

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2021.10.22 15:51 simplemfa Books like Magnum Contact Sheets

So I really like Magnum Contact Sheets which shows a contact sheet from various photographers. Some photos world-famous. Getting that behind-the-scenes look of how they hunted for a photo, tried various things and then landed on the final shot.
Are there similar books, communities or youtube channels that show you the process photographers went through?
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2021.10.22 15:51 Jmoney3693 ESPN Isn't Wasting Any Time Are They

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2021.10.22 15:51 reallyunknwon Extremely unfortunate dental experience, need advice

Months ago I had to change my insurance due to a change in workplace. Therefore, had to change my dentist and I could only find a few within Cigna DMHO network so I settled with this one dentist in Midtown Atlanta.
The Dentist did a horrible job on simple fillings! I think he left a nerve exposed or something like that because it's been over 4 weeks since the filling and the pain is still there. I have never had any pain ever in my life in any of my teeth. This was described as a 'preventative' filling to me. I can't help but think that this incompetent dentist has left me with permanent irreversible damage at a very young age. What should I do? I have tried calling recently but they won't return my calls. What should I do when I get a hang of him? Please help me navigate this situation, I don't have anyone to turn to for help on this.
Elaborate description of the pain
Basically, since the filling I have sensitivity in that one tooth were at a specific spot paint just flares up if anything touches it or if something cold touches it. It feels like there is this one spot that I can not chew properly on that tooth unless it's something soft or if that spot is "clogged up" from other food so that it will not flare up. Same goes for brushing, very painful (sensitivity kind of pain). I can provide more description if necessary.
Elaborate description of the office visit blow
Firstly, the staff were extremely rude, impatient and go above and beyond to make you feel uncomfortable. I came with my own X-rays (1-month old) and had to engage in a verbal battle coz assistant wanted to take their own. After finally accepting mine, they couldn't pull them up on their computers for the dentist to look at (3 weeks had passed since me emailing it to them, the staff is just completely incompetent). Tudor looked at X-rays on my phone (?!) and recommended two fillings.
I was very reluctant to go back and probably will regret it for the rest of my life but I went back to do the fillings... Then dentist just insisted that I need my mouth numb-ed which I hate doing and informed him that I had a filling done before without it and I was fine. He practically required me to, but no big deal. Tudor numbed my mouth and told me he will be back in 10 min once the medicine settles in. He was gone for 30. I had to get up and search for him just to see him casually conversing with colleagues in the break room (like how unprofessional is that? I took 2 hours out of work to be there and every minute counted and seeing that was just plain disrespectful)
Then the filling began and was completed. When finished, I noticed that the place of the fillings was very sharp and informed the dentist and he reassured me that it will be gone after a few meals. But guess what? It didn't, it has been 4 weeks now. I can't even floss coz it grinds the floss and it gets stuck. But the worst thing is that one of the fillings hurts when eating! It has become sensitive to food and cold watefood! I had never had a problem like that in my life. This shows that he did extremely sloppy job and exposed me to this nerve sensation that will stay with me forever. Overall a horrible experience.
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2021.10.22 15:51 blonded_14 discord?

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2021.10.22 15:51 KanataCitizen Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was was killed in action while standing guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier, May he never be forgotten, Rest In Peace.

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2021.10.22 15:51 jessjawnz So this is my face…

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2021.10.22 15:51 kenny2175 Selling a 3 day GA California Rolling Loud ticket.

Dm for more info
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2021.10.22 15:51 MKagel I saw Rienne at Target and had to get her. Idk how rare she is, but I love her anyway

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2021.10.22 15:51 WooThatsCrazy I know God doesnt want this but I am tired

Jeremiah 29:11 shows me that God has a plan for me. But I am so depressed and exhausted. I am just ready to go. I have been dealing with bad depression since I was 13. Everytime I thought it went away snd I was all better I was wrong and turns out I have bipolar disorder. Atp its taking everything in me not to end things. I know it’s wrong but I am in so much pain. I am physically and mentally tired. Sometimes I can barely speak or think. I can barely cry because of emotional numbness, and ptsd. Sigh I cant believe it has gotten this bad. I just need advice and prayer. Thank you
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2021.10.22 15:51 BahamaBoy_242 Thompson with an extra long barrel, lego bipod, mp7 stock, two scopes made into one, and all held together by hot glue.

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2021.10.22 15:51 fiftykthrowaway11122 How to bring this back to reality with me?

Tripping on shrooms for my first time and its making me see the beauty in what has been there the whole time. I'm wondering: how do I bring back this love for the world after I'm done tripping? Is it always there? I don't want to rely on shrooms for this feeling. Thank you all :)
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2021.10.22 15:51 Emmanuel_I Anatomía de Lagasca 99: ricos latinoamericanos, sociedades opacas y el alquiler más caro de Madrid

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2021.10.22 15:51 lurkinglmfao 23 [M4F] i should be sleeping

2:50 in the morning and I'm fucking horny and bored
hmu if you wanna talk about naughty shit I guess or if you just wanna fuck around lmfao
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2021.10.22 15:51 HEKILZALOT the gunk-ling is coming to halloween

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2021.10.22 15:51 SelfAwareMachine Shifting the paradigm: Astrocytes as the fundamental unit of behavioral function

(Will be editing this in place).
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2021.10.22 15:51 Jwong762 华尔街日报:美国向华为和中芯国际供应商发放逾1,000亿美元出口许可证

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2021.10.22 15:51 NectarineWeary585 Charcoal on Rives

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2021.10.22 15:51 sennerg [WTS] ROLEX 1601 Circa 1973 - Gorgeous - Pie Pan "T" Dial Open 6 & 9

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