2021.10.22 16:35 Dave_Duif What?

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2021.10.22 16:35 terrifikat Waiting in vain

Noncarded, with 5yrs BDO SA (good cashflow)
Last Oct 11, I Applied for a BDO CC thru website and got qualified for Visa Gold. Rep told me during call that I just need to re-submit my COE. Sent it to websiteapplications@bdo.com.ph and until now, no update?? When I check the website, still showing “records not found”. Called CS hotline and was advised to submit a hard copy of my COE in nearest branch, which I did last 10/22. Bank rep told me they will just coordinate with “those who deal with online applicants”…
Question: Is this the norm for 1st time CC applicants and would it be better if I just do a walk-in application (if there’s such a thing)? 😑😑😑
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2021.10.22 16:35 marktornits DOL 101 Lid sticker

Does anyone have any idea where I could find a replacement sticker(jewel) for the Dol 101 lid? I have a white pal GC but the jewel is scratched up, I'd really like to fix this-
Thank you~
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2021.10.22 16:35 Anglicanpolitics123 Facts about Pope John Paul II that might surprise people, since its his feast day in the Roman Catholic Church.

When people think about John Paul II, they associate him with just conservatism in the Roman Catholic Church. And that is, partly true. I say partly because he did not fit into the Western liberal/conservative boxes during his tenure as a religious leader. So here are some facts about Pope John Paul II that might surprise people when it comes to his record.
(i)He strongly denounced the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

(ii)He was a strong supporter of the Anti Apartheid struggle
(iii)He strongly opposed the American embargo against Cuba
(iv)He played a major role in helping end the genocide in East Timor
(v)He played a major role in ending the genocide of Paraguay's indigenous communities in South America
(vi)Clerical abuses cases actually declined under his Papacy
(vii)John Paul II did a lot to push interfaith dialogue with the Muslim world
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2021.10.22 16:35 nohwhatnow NFTSEA Airdrop is live

NFTSEA Airdrop is live 📷 🎉Giveaway 🎉
Our system will send 10 NS tokens to your wallet instantly.
Community airdrop

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2021.10.22 16:35 MrFrosty888 How can Obsidian help me?

Tried Joplin for security, but always return to a Keep + OneNote combo. Can Obsidian provide the endless canvas feature in Onenote (or at least adjacent notes; Visual post it style previews like in Keep?
As a writer and former tech engineer, I use OneNote for mainly deep work. Projects, and lengthy entries like story drafts. Google Keep is just a convenient dumping ground for all tasks, quick notes and reminders.
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2021.10.22 16:35 vzakharov hmmm

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2021.10.22 16:35 A2DiDDiT Taking my second drive test soon

It’s on Wednesday. This is for my G2, idk what ppl call it elsewhere but I failed my first one just like everyone else I know who did their first test where I did. If I don’t pass this one there’s gonna be hands thrown.
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2021.10.22 16:35 BlakeAgoraphobic Here's a new OC! I'm going to be partnering up with u/lazy-dipshit on lore again! I'll be slowly showing more of his lore involving the 5 gods my friend made!

Here's a new OC! I'm going to be partnering up with u/lazy-dipshit on lore again! I'll be slowly showing more of his lore involving the 5 gods my friend made! submitted by BlakeAgoraphobic to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:35 panini_79 someone help this man is killing me

someone pls talk to me im bored af
so im in my 2.5 hr international security class and i freaking hate this professor with a burning passion. not as a person but he talks way too damn much and makes this class boring as hell nonstop showing us videos and just talking. hes destroying every last brain cell i have left and i just wanna get out of here because im tired as hell and cannot stand his class anymore. i really shouldve dropped it when i had the chance because im just getting ready to bash my head into a wall. todays really not my day to concentrate and i just wanna do my own thing. so does someone wanna do me a solid and dm me it doesnt have to be about this it can be about how pretty ponies are for all i care i just need a mental escape
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2021.10.22 16:35 62725252725 What would you do if you had the powers of Ultraman in our world?

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2021.10.22 16:35 Mr_Duck27 Begone!

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2021.10.22 16:35 ImVeryFunnylololol Just waiting on the release of a 6090 Gpu

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2021.10.22 16:35 sunflowersprinkles Wild card

Who do you think is the wild card? Anusha?
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2021.10.22 16:35 Kunphen Drew and Johnny

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2021.10.22 16:35 Inner_Ad_4899 💵 UP BITCOIN SV 💵 Stealth Launch 💵 Listed On PancakeSwap 💵 Liquidity locked 💵

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🛑 Deeplock: Lock LP 45 Days
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2021.10.22 16:35 gachalifeuscringeaf3 Yo wtf why I got so many updates

Yo wtf why I got so many updates submitted by gachalifeuscringeaf3 to xbox [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:35 throwaway28839 LF Izuku gets credit for his fights

Man I just want a fic where Izuku actually gets credit for his fights. He deserves at least some credit for stain, maybe muscular, gentle, and definitely overhaul. Like you’re telling me that not one person had a phone recording during any of this fights. I can understand muscular since it was the forest but not the other ones.
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2021.10.22 16:35 pedal_deals_bot Fender Stratocaster 1957 - $2,925 ($2,850 + $75 S/H) 98%

Fender Stratocaster 1957 - $2,925 ($2,850 + $75 S/H) 98% submitted by pedal_deals_bot to guitar_deals [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:35 JimmyCabago Am I aromantic if I don't really like relationships?

For as long as I can remember I longed to have a girlfriend and be in a relationship. But it never really happened for a long time, until the last five years (I'm in my late 30s). My first relationship lasted 3 years and I'm still currently in the second one which has lasted over 2 years.
Even though I longed for relationships all my life, I feel like the reality of it has been disappointing. I love my current girlfriend, she's sweet and tries everything to make me happy. But I've noticed recently how much I love being alone. I really struggle having to plan for the both of us, having to take her into account in everything that I do, having to change my plans for her. I'm quite selfish in that sense and I don't want to really give that up.
I also feel like relationships are quite exhausting. All the emotional talk, the arguments or discussions. Usually I feel like it makes me so much happier to do things by myself, like doing the groceries or going for a walk. There's more solitude when I go by myself, but the solitude kind of makes me feel good, and I get annoyed having to talk everything over with my girlfriend.
I've started wondering if I actually should be in a relationship. It certainly has many benefits, but I guess honestly it's not something I always like.
Does this mean I'm aromantic or is that smth else?
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2021.10.22 16:35 Haunting-Art-4401 Is anyone here a nurse/ nursing student in Europe?

Tell me your experiences and how you got to where you are.
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2021.10.22 16:35 Shan8888 Where are some good open mics in Santa Clarita to play music at?

Hey everyone! I play a wierd blend of electronic and punk music and I sing over it. I've been having trouble booking a lot of consistent shows so I'm looking for some good open mics to fill in the space in between the shows.
Does anyone else know of any other good open mics in Santa Clarita?
Also here and here is my music if you want to listen to something different. @ lotto.rpg
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2021.10.22 16:35 powphenom Me and my friend were out riding and found a old nascar chassis sitting. No markings anyone know what year this chassis would be?

Me and my friend were out riding and found a old nascar chassis sitting. No markings anyone know what year this chassis would be? submitted by powphenom to NASCAR [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:35 Julie727 .

. submitted by Julie727 to FunnyFunnyMeme [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:35 Eli_Truax Former McDonald’s USA CEO: Biden ‘Dramatically’ Impacted Supply Chain Crisis (sometimes finger pointing *is* appropriate)

Former McDonald’s USA CEO: Biden ‘Dramatically’ Impacted Supply Chain Crisis (sometimes finger pointing *is* appropriate) submitted by Eli_Truax to ExDemFoyer [link] [comments]