Why is Arianne happy with her new role? (spoilers extended)

2021.10.22 16:16 Lysmerry Why is Arianne happy with her new role? (spoilers extended)

For the purposes of this post, I'll see things from Arianne's perspective and say what Doran said to her was accurate.
When Arianne learns her father doesn't plan for her to rule Dorne, but to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, she is relieved and elated. Her father still has faith in her and has been holding a greater position still for her! She heads toward her future bethrothed with gusto, delighted by her father's trust in her. But why is she even happy?
The answer seems obvious, but she's not going to be a ruling queen, she is going to be the wife of the King, a very, very different thing. A queen consort has cultural power but she is not in charge. Let's look at the past few queen and princess consorts.
Aerys hurt his wife, and Kingsguard stood by, because they're not there to protect her unless on his orders. Elia watched as her husband left her and her children for teenager, and was unprotected when enemies came to their gate. Cersei is in a loveless marriage where her husband seeks out whores and calls out the name of another woman in bed. Sansa, while only a betrothed, was toyed with and abused for the 'misbehavior' of her family. Margaery makes the best of things through careful management, good diplomacy, and molding herself to be the woman her partner, whether Joffrey or Tommen, would want in her life. While I think Arianne would be glad to seduce Aegon for the upper hand, I don't think she'd want an the ongoing job of keeping him interested in order to hold onto power. Queens and princesses' bodies are at the mercy of their spouses, and they hold only that power that spouse chooses to give them. They are judged for their families' cultural differences and misdeeds.
Compare this to being the ruling Princess of Dorne. A position of prestige and admiration within her own land. Getting to choose the direction of her country and beloved family with minimal interference, and to help and reward her dear friends she's known all her life, or even punish enemies. Getting to relax and even gain support for continuing with her native customs instead of being judged for being different in a semi-foreign land. Perhaps even having some say in her spouse, with the strong possibility of paramours being acceptable once legitimate children are born. Protection from physical and emotional abuse. Altogether, being the ruler of Dorne is a MUCH better setup than Queen consort.
I do not imagine in any circumstance Aegon would be willing to share rule with her. She has no claim and that is not the custom. I also don't believe she wouldn't have considered all of this. She may not understand all of Doran's plans but she's not stupid.
Further, Doran setting her up with Aegon does not show faith in her as a future leader, more importantly as the future ruler of their beloved Land. It shows that she is attractive enough to be a useful piece in an alliance, maybe not even that as he was willing to send homely Quentyn to woo the dragon queen.
TLDR: For a woman ruling Dorne is a far better prospect than being Queen consort of Westeros. Why on earth would she be happy losing her birthright for a position as a high prestige babymaker for a teenage stranger?
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hi guys i just started watching this season because i couldn't find a streaming platform for it in my country. the first episode already has me stumPED LIKE ?????? everything else aside, did r🧿yan🧿 just 1. give up on saying the word jurisdiction 2. intend to use "jurisdiction" inCORRECTLY ?!???? HAHAHAHHA LORD
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2021.10.22 16:16 Aclarie Disappointing day

On the 19th I celebrated 2 months on E and Day 1 of Spiro. I did it by getting a consultation for Laser Hair Removal for my face and neck. Today I had my appointment for 9 am. I was excited that I woke up 4 hrs early. I actually did not have a anxiety or panic as I left the house and forgot my security items of bracelets, water bottle and fidget toy. I had to return for my mask though.

The receptionist asked about my medical history again while I signed the forms and asked about the HRT. I mentioned the HRT during consult because I was worried about the procedure and drug interactions. I was nervous and wanted to make sure everything was going to be alright. Then the tech came in looked over my chart and said Sir you can follow me now. Then Sir you can place your stuff there. Just Sir the entire time. I corrected her a couple of times and she just apologized and continued.

I know I do not look female I am only a couple months in but I thought they would at least respect the chart. After appointment I just walked around and stuffed my face with pastries and greasy foods cause I was depressed. Now I am in bed with food hangover regretting it. I am not sad just depressed and a bit angry.
Well one laser session down and several more to go. Hopefully I will get a different tech next time.
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Current interest rates on a reverse mortgage are around 5%. Suppose housing prices appreciate faster than that rate, then you could take the lump sum and invest it to get an uncorrelated return and still be ahead when you sell. Right?
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2021.10.22 16:16 TheWrongOption What made you start the show?

With a show that had no big names behind or in front of the camera upon release, a small cult like following, and initial promos that didn't do the show or its themes justice, what finally made you take notice and decide to start the show?
With me it was actually the over sexualized promos. I kept on seeing them and they annoyed me but it also sparked my curiosity because I didn't know they were allowed to be super graphic on FX at the time. Ended up loving it and have now rewatched an embarrassing amount of times. Why did you start You're The Worst?
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