Ps4 Rec I’m a 98 play shot team ball

2021.10.22 15:34 Appropriate-Care-150 Ps4 Rec I’m a 98 play shot team ball

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2021.10.22 15:34 Putt3rJi What is (ALT) gear?

Been playing a couple days and am being exposed to high level gear through Golbin raid.
I'm never sure what (ALT) versions of gear are and what will happen if I select them.
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2021.10.22 15:34 DragoN-0416 Q pro

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2021.10.22 15:34 Environmental-Wish53 USS TERRA, SB-1 (Chap. XVI)

This story is based in the SSB-verse (created by u/bluefishcake) and takes place at least 100 years after initial occupation. Humanity has proven itself in combat, subterfuge, and all-around fucking shit up so much that the Shil are starting to feel threatened. To mitigate that threat, at least according to the nobles in charge (with valuable input from those who were on the ground with the human forces), they agree to return partial autonomy of Earth to the humans, under the conditions that they still provide the above-mentioned services in name of the empire, and they stay under the management of a planetary governess. This story is not canon, although there will be canonical elements included. This is strictly a fanfic and I hope it rocks as hard as it sounds in my head.
First <-------
“Damn.” My efforts to try and get some early chow fell flat, now leaving me with a plate full of fruit and whatever snacks they leave out for any officers looking for a quick bite. Taking a seat, I spend the next fifteen minutes or so eating my fruit and running over what possible questions or situations we’ll be in once we dock. I can always deflect any pointed questions about the specifics of Terra. I could even try to throw my rank around to keep the meeting to the bridge, hangar bay, and their base.
Then again, that also depends on if it’s just the base CO, or the CO and another individual, or the individual only because the CO is busy. Fuck. My thoughts are interrupted by a ping on my omnipad notifying me that we are docked and that Detriment’s CO is on hold in the bridge. Expecting as much I deposit the empty plate in the scullery and find the closest ship phone to call the bridge to relay that I’m on my way.
It takes longer than usual to reach the bridge, mainly because I’m trying to find anything to delay the inevitable and distract me from having to deal with hosting an impromptu meeting from an I know the delay is only going to make them mad, or upset, but maybe that’ll be enough to get them to leave us alone. Ah shit. That won’t work either as we’re supposed to pick up the last members of the VBSS team from this base.
The door to the bridge finally appears before me in all it’s bare glory: the only thing stemming the tide of courteous comments and facades being raised to conceal the bullshit of the situation we find ourselves in. I try to open the door quietly so as not to interrupt what everyone is doing, only to be greeted by a “About damn time” coming from the face on the viewscreen in front of me.
I look up to see a pair of squinty, deep brown eyes centered between a slightly crooked nose and bushy-but-groomed eyebrows, a peppery-colored mustache that looks like you took the bristles from a horse brush and glued them onto his upper lip, all placed on a tanned and weathered face. Beneath this face that is the embodiment of “No fucks given”, at the bottom of the screen, are two silver eagles and a rack containing ribbons that I don’t even know how you get them, on the UEM Army Officer dress uniform. An ugly looking outfit by any standard.
“Ah. Apologies for that Colonel, there were some issues regarding the recent combat I needed to see too while we were docking. I am Captain Rodolf Rütgard, CO of the USS Terra and current guest of Moonbase Detriment.”
“I know who you are, captain. I was given notice by Jackson that you’d be showing up today, though I wasn’t expecting on you bringing combatants with you.” The colonel’s voice matched his face to a “T”. “Speaking of,” his face looks to his right, “hey, your ride’s here. Get your shit packed up and get off my base.” So, Rütgard, how long do you plan to leech off my base, do I have to secure any types of communications while you’re here, and will I be invited on that tub of overinflated budget or am I going to have to force myself in?”
What the fuck? I just saved his base from getting attacked by pirates, went through required procedures to dock, and he was given notice that we were coming yet he’s still acting like I’m personally the cause of all this? Fuck that. “Before any of that happens colonel, I suggest you drink some metamucil then take a hose, shove it up your ass, and crank it full blast to unclog the shit from getting your ass packed by the military.”
The bridge was so quiet you could hear a feather getting slapped two compartments away. The colonel’s eyebrows raised up so much I thought he was spontaneously replacing his grayed widow’s peak. I was bracing for the inevitable dick-measuring contest that was about to begin, getting myself all worked up by remembering all the trash I’ve had to deal with the past ten years of my career and unload it if need be.
What I wasn’t prepared for was the unnatural sound that came from his lips. His...laugh sounded like wet gravel wheezing. This sound carried on for a long few seconds before abruptly stopping, followed by a throat clearing cough.
“Nice to see Jack can still pick’em. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rütgard. Welcome to Detriment. I look forward to meeting you soon.” With that the call ends and silence returns to the bridge.
“...What the fuck was that?! I thought this guy was an asshole, but apparently he knows the admiral, and he was putting on a show? A test maybe? Please, God...take me now before I do it myself.” I collapse into my chair and lean forward, resting my head in my hands. “Comms, send a message to the colonel that I’ll be arriving in the next thirty minutes, and send me any updates from Ops, CAG, or Sec on their search through the debris.”
“Uhm, sir. The colonel is currently waiting for permission to enter hangar bay one. That call was made from the troop transport floating outside.” Comms replied.
“And you didn’t think of saying this earlier?” I questioned.
“The colonel’s first comments and ensuing conversation prevented the chance to report this to you sir.”
“I see. Let them in. I’ll meet them in the hangar bay along with the XO.” This earns a surprising look from Cartwright. “It’s best for you to get used to this commander. When you become CO it’s virtually expected of you to meet and host others when you arrive at their commands or happen to be ‘available’.”
“Comms, keep an ear and eye on what I asked before, and if any other messages not from Terra reveal themselves. This ship is still relatively secret after all.” I turn to look at the XO. “Let’s meet our guest then, shall we?”
“Momma Bird to all Vultures, update.” Went out the call from CAG.
“Momma Bird, this is Vulture-1. Short of grumbling Marines, nothing out of the ordinary.” Came the first response.
“This is Vulture-2, we report the same.” Came the second.
“Momma Bird, Vulture-10. We just picked up a possible survivor. Shil’vati female. Medical is providing treatment and requests level 3 preparations. Returning to Nest. ETA: One minute.”
“Acknowledged Vulture-10. We’ll have a traume team on standby.” CAG replied.
“Copy that. Vulture-10 out.”
There was a chorus of cheers throughout comms as the other salvage crews congratulated Vulture-10 on the first catch of the operation before Toyotama told them to “quit their shit and focus on the objective.” An eerie silence returned until seconds later other crews started reporting much the same as Vultures 1 and 2.
“Two hours in and only one possible survivor?” I said to myself. “I’ll give UEM this; they can certainly create some efficient killing machines.”
I heard the hatch behind me open up and I spun around to see a Nighkru officer enter Flight Control 2 carrying a manila folder. “I suppose you aren’t here for your Space Warfare qualifications are you?” I asked the young-looking lieutenant.
“That is correct sir. Here.” She holds out the manila folder. “Cmdr. Shay asked me to hand deliver this.”
I accept the folder. “I suppose this means you found something interesting then?” Her face betrays no emotion and gives no answer to my query. Though I will say, the blue-black horns that sweep along the sides of her equally dark head, coupled with the faintly glowing algae designs outlining her cheekbones, and the aquatic depths that are her eyes stand in beautiful contrast to the white-painted and haze grey bulkheads and electrical boxes making up the scenery behind her.
“I was requested to hand deliver this to you sir. That’s all.” She responds.
“Very well. Thanks lieutenant. Give my thanks to Shay as well.”
“Aye sir.” She turns around and exits the space, leaving me with the bland background once again.
“Well then, let’s see what they’ve found that was so important it needed to be personally delivered.” I open the folder and read over the contents, my eyes growing wider and wider at the information contained within. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.” I slam down the “talk” button on the console in front of me.
“Momma Bird to all craft, Code 1. I repeat, Code 1.” Not wasting any time I work my way down the line.
“Bridge, CAG. Code 1.”
“Flight Control 1, CAG. Code 1. Open up Hangar Bay 2 for emergency scramble. Prep Red Shirts for casualty control. Have Yellow Shirts on standby for quick secure.”
With the message passed properly, I hustle down to Flight Control 1 to assume my position during space combat. Now settled into my chair, I watch the green blips denoting friendly craft on the screen approach Hangar Bay 1 and disappear, signifying they have landed and are secured. On a separate screen I watch new blips appear slowly as the crews from the transports and scouts slowly jump into the other A-22s and the remaining ten Rhinos.
There is one white-colored blip sitting off to the side of the hangar bay. “Petty Officer, what’s that white blip on the screen?”
“That’s the transport craft for Detriment’s CO sir. Bridge notified us earlier that our captain and theirs are having a meeting.” Came the answer.
“Is the craft still occupied?” I growl out.
There is a guilty pause before someone responds. “Not sure sir. The captain gave them permission to enter and notified us of who they are.”
“Send a message updating them of the current situation.”
“Roger that.” A few seconds pass. “Message sent sir.”
Whether the captain received anything from the Bridge after I reported Code 1 or not, he sure as shit should know something’s up now. Letting the pilots and crew do their job, I watch as the Terra air wing is brought out in full force, the unchanging white blip sitting in the corner.
Colonel Darius and I were hitting it off rather splendidly. Turns out that show he put on earlier was exactly that: a show. He’s also an old friend of the admiral, and was there when the New Tet Offensive kicked off and throughout its short, but brutal, length. Surprisingly, Darius wasn’t trying to pry any secrets about Terra or ask any roundabout questions about her abilities. Said he’d leave that up to the young types who have time to “fret about shit outta their control.” I must say he was starting to grow on me.
This jovial atmosphere lasted until I received two pings within a minute of each other. The Bridge ping containing the words “Code 1” and one from Flight Control 1 with the same message. “Ah fuck. I need to cut this short colonel. Turns out a significant energy signal popped up fifteen-thousand kilometers away. We don’t know if it’s more pirates or friendlies either.”
“If you want to join me on the bridge, you are welcome. If not then have you and your crew onboard meet up with security for escort to a secure location.” I stand up and send a message asking if the bay is pressurized. The response says two minutes until full pressurization.
“I think I’ll take you up on that invite captain. I am curious what she can do, if these are enemies that is.” Darius stands up and passes the message to his crew and pilot.
“Excellent. Worst case you’ll be involved in something unnecessary. Best case you get to watch some criminal scum yee their last haw.”
“The ancient references are strong with you I see. You sure Jack isn’t your dad? Or grandpa?” Darius pokes fun at the shared traits between the admiral and myself.
“Despite our similarities, no. I just share an enjoyment of pre-Shil entertainment. You know, when it was actually good. The bay should be done pressurizing now. Let’s get out of this death wagon and somewhere with a good view.” The ramp at the back drops down allowing us to make our ways to the bridge or security. I catch the colonel’s eyes wander on more than one occasion on our journey to the bridge, the sheer size and simplicity of its design leaving him in semi-awe.
Upon entering the bridge we are greeted with forlorn faces and an atmosphere full of annoyance. This isn’t how I left the bridge, and a Code 1 wouldn’t lead to this behavior. Something’s going on that apparently no one thought to notify me of what it is.
“What’s going on?” I ask the crew in front of me.
“We received a message moments ago.” Comms responded. “The energy signature that caused the Code 1 is a Shil ship sir. That Shil ship.” The news immediately soured my mood.
“Have you verified that message and the source?” I forced the question despite knowing that they would’ve done that already.
“Multiple times. She’s on her way now sir, with a quarter of her fleet in tow.”
“Well, who is she?” Darius asks.
“The Governess.” I sigh out. “The God. Damned. Governess.”
“Oh.” Darius’s mood sours at that as well.
“You sure you can’t give me a demonstration?”
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2021.10.22 15:34 Embarrassed-Doubt-19 VWCE vs IWDA/EMIM on Bolero 2021

I've been looking into investing for quite some time now. I was totally sold on the ETF-strategy drawn up in the wiki and the different subreddits around here. Especially on VWCE since it requires less administrative follow-up and Vanguard seems to be more sound and investor-minded than Blackrock.
However, when I was finally ready to invest my first sum, I noticed that the Broker fees on Bolero are 15 EUR for stocks listed on Xetra (for amounts smaller than 2.5k). My pacing plan would be to invest 2k every 2 months. This made me rethink the entire VWCE vs IWDA/EMIM, since the latter is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (only 7,50 EUR per transaction). Furthermore, the ToB of IWDA/EMIM is only 0,12% while it's 1,32% for VWCE. Assuming no law changes occur, 1,2% on a horizon of 20+ years is quite significant. I was convinced of VWCE, which makes it hard to just switch to IWDA/EMIM. Also, it is not possible to buy half shares of the ETF's which makes it virtually impossible to achieve a perfect 88/12 ratio for smaller investments. On the other hand, IWDA /EMIM has an yearly average return of about 11% since 2011. Splitting it up between IWDA and EMIM yields: 11,6% for IWDA vs 6,5% for EMIM. Which means that holding only IWDA would have been more lucrative at this point in time. So another question arises: how important is it to hold the EMIM part? Is it necessary, is it not diversified enough otherwise? Is it maybe necessary to not miss out on a potential outbreak of an emerging market? But in that case, if a market emerges spectacularly, wouldn't it be included in the IWDA any time soon? The yearly return of VWRL has been around 6%, which potentially says more than the return of VWCE because of the lack of extensive historic data on the latter.
Another important point of discussion is the TER. Both are quite comparable, with IWDA/EMIM being slightly lower. However, I've read quite a few times that the actual TER of VWCE would be close to zero or even negative. I do not understand how this works, since TER is split up in costs due to fund making and managing, so this seems a inavoidable fixed cost. In addition, when has this TER to be paid? Is that on a fixed date each year or is it one year after the investment, but then how does that work with DCA? I've also read that the actual TER of IWDA/EMIM would also be close to zero or negative.
As you can see, I'm continuously going back and forth between both ETF's. I cannot make up my mind and lack some detailed knowledge on the TER. On what basis have other Bolero-investors around here made their decision between both ETF's? Taking into account all of the above.
Thank you for a clear answer.
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2021.10.22 15:34 Venadore Il Lussemburgo legalizzerà il consumo, la produzione e il commercio della cannabis per tutti i maggiorenni. È il primo Paese in Europa

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2021.10.22 15:34 myguyknowsaguy Yesterday was amazing ✅ THANKS for watching NBA Betting Today, my daily NBA picks show on YouTube!!!

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2021.10.22 15:34 ThaneHarlow Professor Hassan, having found his true calling as an explorer of the great western frontier.

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2021.10.22 15:34 Meme_Wizard118 Poor screameg.

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2021.10.22 15:34 aliciatheangel Is someone a real life loli if someone looks younger than they are?

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2021.10.22 15:34 GhillieLotus Getting back into trading

120+ cars and a few planes. Haven’t traded in a while though so i’m not too familiar with the current gctf. just looking for cool cars hmu✌🏼
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2021.10.22 15:34 JnrDraws I drew my buddy’s original character: Steve Tepes! 🎨

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2021.10.22 15:34 Failosipher Recently added mega-zoom and no-ui mode and got this beautiful shot of my dwarven city

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2021.10.22 15:34 Emotional-Film-7956 18 vs 20 años ¿Quién ganará?

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2021.10.22 15:34 pestelikki Chicago Canvas Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Chicago Canvas Coupon Code Reddit
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.10.22 15:34 GamerDoma367 Sometimes the only thing that gets you further is turning back.

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2021.10.22 15:34 DaisukiHai kitain cross spear 4 hu tao?

i can't raise my dragons bane cuz all the mythic enchancement ore went to ganyu weapon and until i get more of the exp ores is that inazuma spear atleast usable
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2021.10.22 15:34 Vaderson69 What stupid myths did you believe as a kid?

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