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Draped over her

2021.10.22 17:34 hoenzua Draped over her

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2021.10.22 17:34 Inner_Ad_4899 💵 UP BITCOIN SV 💵 Stealth Launch 💵 Listed On PancakeSwap 💵 Liquidity locked 💵

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🛑 Deeplock: Lock LP 45 Days
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2021.10.22 17:34 JRB423 Celebrating 10/22 day with my new (to me) plinker.

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2021.10.22 17:34 lightarchiver Canadian Travelling to NYC - Mixed Vaccines

Hi everyone,
I'm travelling from Toronto to New York from November 1st - 5th and have been following all the guidelines. I have a PCR test booked three days before my flight to NY, and one booked three days before my flight back to Toronto.
I am fully vaccinated, but with Pfizer as my first dose and Moderna as my second.
I read on the news today that the US does not currently recognize mixed vaccines as fully vaccinated - but they will on November 8th after the borders reopen.
My question is: how will this affect me? Will I have to quarantine during my short trip (which if so, isn't worth the trip). Will I be able to enter any restaurants?
Any guidance or resources on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.10.22 17:34 hyperkid137 211022 Weverse Compilation (Yeonjun about his dreams, meeting MOA in the streets, and more)

Member Post Translation
Yeonjun Comments 1-7 Translation
Yeonjun Comments 8-11 Translation
Yeonjun Comment 12 Translation
Yeonjun Comment 13 Translation
Yeonjun Comments 14-15 Translation
Yeonjun Comments 16-20 Translation
Yeonjun Comments 21-23 Translation
Yeonjun Comment 24 Translation
Yeonjun Comment 25 Translation
Yeonjun Comment 26 Translation
Yeonjun Comment 27 Translation
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2021.10.22 17:34 i_internetstranger Is this a PD?

Whenever I put myself down, it feels good as I 'KNOW' I'm right( or feeling assured that I can't be wrong).that's the best feeling in the world. Being right. So I'm sort of addicted to self-sabotage. I'm a class clown, so of all the things I can make jokes, I start at myself. I hate that I don't have a poker face, I have the exact opposite.
I consciously make efforts to not look weak or predictable or sensitive to others.. in the same process, I always leave without gaining friends and end up becoming exactly those adjectives. And as always in the end, I become the loner of any social group.
The human relationships I have is highly volatile. Always intense, unpredictable. I'm also very bad at keeping secrets, I just spill the beans when I get some attention.
I know this may be Trauma speaking, I donot like to be told things, it always feels very uncomfortable. In a way, I can't act if I'm not incharge. I'm always on-guard to see if someone is manipulating me.. Once I realised that I'm getting manipulated, in the battle of standing up for myself, I always end up being nice.. because if I speak up, I 'KNOW', I'll loose that person in my life.. several years of my friendship and bond can goto a toss in a minute if I don't control myself and be nice. At the same time, I can't be in a friendly relations with that person too. It's killing me slowly.. but if I don't have any friends, that'll give me too much pain..
I can't get starrted on my body image issues..
Please give some guidance or suggestions. It's my secret and It's open here ..
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2021.10.22 17:34 SauerkrautandBeans Loza Alexander - Dear Soldiers [Hip Hop] (2021)

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2021.10.22 17:34 EvenConstruction2241 Qui pour branlette sur nos meufs/ potes ?

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2021.10.22 17:34 New_Presentation5105 I like to smoke cigarettes without inhaling

i like the smell of cigarettes so i just smoke them without inhaling does that make me stupid ?
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2021.10.22 17:34 sambowker Have been trying to create a more ‘realistic’ look for my Eivor, I think this combo works pretty well!

Have been trying to create a more ‘realistic’ look for my Eivor, I think this combo works pretty well! submitted by sambowker to ACValhalla [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 17:34 throwmehardandfar Semi-moonish boy here looking for opinions

Semi-moonish boy here looking for opinions Hey community,
I'll be dead honest, even if not a bit vulgar.
I've decided to join you! Now... I love crypto, especially the government and banking freedom, I'm a strong believer people should have independence over their funds. Alone the technology can transform value and transportation.
With all that said... I'm just looking for an opportunity. Just wanna put a bit risk, a bit of research and enjoy life a little bit in the future if possible.
From all the projects I've liked CKB, ERG and One.. my question is why CKB is different than any other crypto-religion everyone swearing in their choices. It's almost like there's so many communities and many are confident in their call what's CKB different than every other competition? I know there's many posts like that, but my question is towards the people who actually are familiar with many projects and their promises and developments, is really CKB a safe call? I want to add much more, but not very educated in the technical aspects of the cryptos so kinda struggling to pull the triger, yet I avoid diversification because I haven't seen any other community AS much as hopeful as this one, maybe ERG, but again didn't have much exposure.

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2021.10.22 17:34 Unique_Spirit_8028 PSA: The screen is not cat proof!

PSA: The screen is not cat proof! submitted by Unique_Spirit_8028 to galaxyzflip [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 17:34 Age_2703 Another very good investment. Very recommendable

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2021.10.22 17:34 KingCultivation [contamination]What’s wrong with this cake

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2021.10.22 17:34 Ok-Feature-4225 Θρησκεία και καπιταλισμός

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2021.10.22 17:34 whiskeylanddelight Daaa fuq?!

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2021.10.22 17:34 RageManCrypto labs has enough potentials ,this is the future .

labs has enough potentials ,this is the future . submitted by RageManCrypto to CryptoGemDiscovery [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 17:34 Current-Stable-4091 No se que tengo, necesito ayuda

Que tal, buenas tardes. La verdad es que hace un tiempo me vengo sintiendo fatal de la mente. Yo siempre fui alguien extrovertido, con muchos amigos, chicas, social, etc etc. Sin embargo, desde hace unos meses (todo empezó luego de un mal viaje al fumar marihuana) me siento muy mal. Todo se ve una rutina, no tengo mucha motivación para seguir, no hay factor sorpresa en mi vida, me cuesta ver a futuro. Hace años no estoy con una chica, y siento imposible que se me vuelva a dar. A la noche me cuesta dormir, no paro de pensar en escenarios alternos y muchas veces improbables. Estudio y trabajo pero cada vez tengo mas miedo de tener una enfermedad mental (ej: ezquizofrenia) y cagarme la vida. Lo único que quiero es que todo vuelva a ser como antes, sentirme como antes, pero hoy se ve muy lejos. Alguien que haya pasado por lo mismo? O alguien que quiera hablar por privado?
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2021.10.22 17:34 lookandsee80 UW pledge time again

It’s that time, Giving Season 2021 is coming soon. 💰Time to give your Fair Share and wear your casuals. I’ve had enough of the UW kool aid and won’t be contributing this way anymore. We can contribute directly to any of the organizations and they get to keep more of the donations anyway.
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2021.10.22 17:34 Sereniiemallow Sheesh-

Sheesh- $750?? I love Manny but I wouldn’t buy him for this price.
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2021.10.22 17:34 bananopeasant1 (First post) A story of my best adventure in game so far. Let me know if i should do more.

TL;DR - Great game. Slowly learning. Victory is
Background - Found this game quite a few years back from DF (which i could never get into). Tried a few times to learn CDDA on PC and was impressed by the detail but never learned much and forgot about it for a while. Came back a year ago and couldn't believe how much the game was growing. Over the past year i have been slowly familiarizing myself with the game. Finally getting deep into it these past few months and it has been the most rewarding experience in my gaming history.
I am still quite a newb with only a couple of runs hitting the 7 day mark, and all runs ending in some stupid death. I've rarely shot a gun or even explored in cities, and have hardly learned of the various creatures and factions in the game yet.
Playing on android because of the ability to play in my down time at work. Quite a hassle compared to PC, but with patience and hacker's keyboard, you can adjust. I am finding that getting a little more invested in your characters is quite enjoyable and that you will get out of this game what you put in. Survival is firstly about mindset. Okay, enough about me and onto the main protagonist here.

Journal of Corey Dobson - First Entry -
i'm scared. i don't know how long i will live and i want to leave something to be remembered by. i no longer feel safe anywhere... i guess i never felt totally safe, but this is a new level. i decided writing in this notebook i found might help my mental state some. i feel like i am on a descent into madness that never ends. i guess i will begin with a bit of my past, and the events that happened so far. Here goes nothing.

i was deadbeat from the small town of Medway. My life growing up was nothing too dramatic, but it was still a big mess that i won't get into now. i was just a broken girl with few happy memories. i Married at 21, became a mother 6 months later and had a gorgeous son, James. He was the cutest child in the world.
Everyone wants a better life for their children. The ever worsening economy made that difficult. The separation didn't help either. Dick Dobson. Should have known how he'd turn out from his stupid name. Walked out on us while James was still learning to crawl. i took his name, he took my dignity. Oh well.
i was living in Medway when it happened. Dick had moved back to Detroit (good for him). James was staying with him that weekend. 9 years old and growing like Bamboo (and nothing like his dad thank god). They were at a ballgame when things broke out. It hit there first.

i saw it unfold on TV. Didn't even notice i dropped my wineglass until i freaking stepped on it. Yeah, i had taken up drinking a little to numb the general agony of life. Not a lot, i promise.
i did what any caring mother would do. Hopped in my car and drove like hell to get my son. Detroit was a warzone. Sirens wailing, people screaming - everything chaos. Bloody tread marks behind burning wreckage; dislodged limbs dangling from shattered windows.
We didn't understand what was happening then. i certainly didn't while navigating those haunted streets while what i could only call monsters clawed relentlessly at my car. i made it to the stadium and scanned the mobs for that familiar face. Frantic, i screamed out the window for my son. "Mommy!" i heard from the sickening cacophony, and i saw him.
i couldn't believe my eyes. He was there, hiding in some rubble. It's all so vivid in my memory, like a nightmare i can't shake. His clothes were torn, and his face was a mess of dirt and tears.
We had made it out of the city. we were on the home stretch when my car died. i was surprised it made it that far to be honest. i was bruised and James looked awful. His clothes were bloody, but he was hanging in there. i felt his head. He had a fever, and his eyes were bloodshot. He told me something had been wrong with Dad.
He said Dad was acting weird that whole day, and at the game He began acting like an entirely different person. Almost not like a person at all, and that a bunch of other people did too. He said Dad had drool dripping from his mouth like a dog, and then he attacked someone. James had hid, and didn't know what else happened to Father.
We hobbled to the nearest house to ask for help. Nobody was home, and we didn't have much of a choice - i needed to bandage him up! The place looked abandoned. We heard screams coming down the road along with worse, guttural sounds. We broke in, slammed and locked the door, and closed all the blinds.

Somehow, nothing got to us that evening and we both managed to eat a little food and fell asleep. i didn't know how hard it would get. i felt something slimy on my face. Something was drooling on me. Black eyes and a demonic grin met me as i stirred. i Screamed and a gnarled face howled back. James' face...
That was the day my world truly changed. Day 0. When i killed my first "zombie". i still can't accept what happened, but there was nothing else i could do. I had tried to run but he sprung on the floor and knocked me to the ground, snapping a chair under our weight. Bloody, black spit spewed from an unrecognizable face. He had me pinned, and his eyes grew even more foreign and he lunged to take a bite from my flesh. my son was gone, i realized in that moment, along with any hope i had of a happy life.
i grabbed a leg from the broken chair and... i did what i had to.

- Second Entry -
A month later i was still alive. i couldn't stay in that house, so i traveled around some looking for somewhere safe. Still am. Anyway, i ended up in a shelter with a lady i met along the way - goes by FrozenFoxy. That first month was rough, i drank every bottle of alcohol i could find. It became a problem. i was in a pit of despair in every way; mentally unstable, drinking more, and ready to just die. Almost ended it all. Twice.
i had tried taking up some martial arts and learning to defend myself better, courtesy of my new friend. Didn't go so hot. i was still a wreck, and i kinda sucked. But hey, how many people know some Leopard Kung Fu?
i decided i needed a resolution. i swore to never drink again, and to spend every bit of my effort to find purpose again. Something stole my son's humanity, and i am going to kill every last remainder and reminder of this evil. That was my personal Day 0.

- Third Entry -
i told FrozenFoxy of my plans, and set out for a new beginning and to find some meaning. The first few days were difficult. My life had spiraled out of control, the world had changed, and learning to adapt took time. If i am going to get to the bottom of what happened any, and try to actually change this cruel world, i need to be able to survive.
A couple days in i stumbled upon a grape farm with a basement full of wines and ales. i'll be honest, this was difficult for me, and i caved a bit as first. But i am serious about changing from who i was. Walking is dangerous, and i need some transportation if i want to live long. i found an old bicycle in the basement that needed some new peddles, and can you believe i found a new set a ways down the road? Had to move a bunch of stuff around just to get the bike out, but finally fixed it all up. Seems to work okay.
i clean up the farm house and decide to use it as a base of operation for now. The bike works okay, but i would really like to find a working car, as every one i have found is broken down. i planned on heading back to Medway and see my old house, and look for a working car. i figured things have calmed down some from the initial onslaught. No. It was worse. The hordes have grown as virtually everyone has succumbed to this strange disease. To make matters worse i spotted some alien base outside of town. i found no cars yet i could operate, and barely managed to escape back home from the mayhem.
In the following days i explored south and found a shooting range and a pistol (which i haven't used yet). also found a junkyard full of zombies i managed to dispatch of with my new, simple makeshift glaive. Out east towards Detroit i found the remains of a crashed plane, but it looked to dangerous to check out closer.
I cleared out a sewage treatment plant, light industry, and finally a mine entrance to the north. Well, other than all the alarms i set off, and the robot sentry i killed, and the police bot i escaped from...
Oh yeah, and the dairy farm i found with a bunch of zombie cows. while i tried silently raiding the abandoned home, the cows broke into the house. i sprinted back to my bike, but was too late and a cow proceeded to climb onto the bike rack and follow me a hundred yards while i hacked at him, nearly colliding with a tree. managed to kill him but i was about dead.
Then on my way home i met a wasp and thought i was done for, my limbs and torso were nearly completely shredded and i was poisoned. but i managed to make it home yet again somehow. that took a couple days to heal from.
And then i met a giant wasp while gathering wood down south. Death was so close that time i could practically see the light at the end of the tunnel, but yet again i survived.
i finally went back to see my old friend FrozenFoxy and convinced her to follow me for a while, until ultimately telling her to start a base at the shelter. To be honest she got on my nerves and got in the way all the time. i also am not sure how much i trust her.
Thankfully in my trips so far i have found some antifungal drugs, antiseptic, and various other items. You never know what you need. i have gotten a lot already i am thankful for. Always just want to survive another day. i have killed 85 enemies so far, and i am pretty pleased with my work so far.
i am About 1 month into surviving now. i have made my own spiced mead (i swear i won't drink too much), made sauerkraut, and lots more. So much else has happened already, but i want to just share a few of my experiences. i am still alive, for now... with my trusty knife spear, my good ol' axe, and a bunch of great tools. i can tell i am becoming much more competent at many tasks, and hope to have more to share soon. So long for now journal.
- Corey Dobson
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2021.10.22 17:34 juked1s Damn. Everyone complaining about this key hero fairy event. I thought the pal egg machine was great, but I was not so thrilled when all I saw was this today

Damn. Everyone complaining about this key hero fairy event. I thought the pal egg machine was great, but I was not so thrilled when all I saw was this today submitted by juked1s to PuzzleAndDragons [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 17:34 poeticretelling Consistently eGCF between 52-55, haven’t been at 60 since 3 years ago. 36F

I’ve expressed concern with my eGFC the past two years and I’m always told it’s a UTI or I’m dehydrated. Today when my creatinine was 1.13 after being in the ER with 1.2, I’ve talked to my doctor about this and they’ve not been helpful and told me to drink more water. If I don’t get a referral soon I’m going to find another doctor. Should I make them document in my chart they do not believe a eGFC of <60 to be clinically significant? Mine is 54 right now on my bloodwork but I did an online calculator that said it should be 63. What’s accurate?
I feel so upset that this is very clearly a sign something is wrong. The doctor said it could be “my baseline.”
I understand radically changing my health can help things if it’s not acute, but does anyone have any advice in this situation?
I’m overweight with chronic UTIs and a history of too much Diet Coke. My blood pressure is just ok and I’m not diabetic.
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2021.10.22 17:34 Proper_Bobcat Ps4 need a center asap

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2021.10.22 17:34 vampyr20 Why so little slavposting?

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