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2021.11.29 12:13 angrymiddleagedman 10 commandments for a happy workplace.

What would yours be?
As somebody interested in business and would love to 1 day start my own business.
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2021.11.29 12:13 Minecraft_Daddy What's the best medium armor set?

Including dlc and plug ins
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2021.11.29 12:13 tdefreest Long Processing Times for New Orders / Bad Customer Service

When I placed an order for an iPhone Pro 13 Max and AirPods Pro, I was given an original estimated processing time of 1-2 weeks. A few days after placing the order, the processing time was increased to 4-6 weeks on the order status page (no alert or email sent to me).
I called to cancel the order but T-Mobile customer service agent and supervisor refused the cancellation claiming "once you have e-signed, you cannot cancel the order". The recommended solution they gave me was the following:

  1. Refuse delivery of the package
  2. Call UPS and tell them you are refusing delivery of the package
  3. Cancel your credit card so that the item doesn't get shipped
These solutions sound absurd to me.
Am I the only one something like this happened to? It should be completely within my right to cancel an order if they suddenly increase the anticipated shipping dates so dramatically. Yes, I'm aware of the chip shortages and supply chain issues but I was able to go to a store and buy both items already the same day. So, I'm not really tracking T-Mobiles problem here.
Now I'll have to wait for the product to get shipped, waste time and money, and either refuse the shipment or return the products. Am I crazy or is T-Mobile's policy crazy?
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2021.11.29 12:13 Roflcpt47 [Among the Stars and Darkness] - Chapter 14

She pulled the black card out and held it in front of the scanner. It took a second to authenticate but as she had hoped, the scanner flashed green and she could hear locks clicking within the door. She was in.
She pushed on the door which opened to a hallway with a staircase leading up immediately in front of her. On the outside, it was a nondescript building in the lower levels of Aberanth that no one ever seemed to enter through the front. If they did, all they’d see were empty rooms of an abandoned store but if one were to enter from the maintenance tunnels underneath the building… well, that was the ticket in.
On the inside, the building looked like it hadn’t been in use for ages. Dust covered everything. The lingering scent of mold permeated through the rooms. She knew it was intentionally made to seem this way. Why would anyone let their secret hideout look like it was regularly used, especially if gaining access depended solely on an access card which anyone could acquire? No, she knew she had to go further into the building to uncover the secrets she sought.
Quietly, she crept up the steps, wondering which would creak under her weight. However, none did. She got to the top of the stairs and saw an office floor set up, obviously left behind by the previous tenants that the guild hadn’t bothered cleaning up. Many doors lead to other offices but finding the next passageway wouldn’t be as obvious as opening another door. She investigated the room, looking for anything lacking a layer of dust or awkwardly placed. The windows were boarded up. There was a lack of light in the room but that didn’t hinder her search. Her retinal implants illuminated the space as she continued to look for any means of access. It was entirely different from other guild hideouts she’d encountered before. Usually, there’d be a switch hidden somewhere or a bio-scanner that could be activated by stepping on a hidden pressure plate. There’d even be traps set for any unwelcomed guests but she found no such thing here. It had to be here. There had to be a way in.
Downstairs, there was a noise. She quickly found cover inside one of the offices and pressed up against the wall next to the door peering through the cracked open door into the office space. She could see them appear at the top of the stairs, arriving in a line. The man at the front wore a bare-faced mask with two circular lenses. He was outfitted in loose black garbs and heavy boots which thudded on the floor but left no prints. Behind him, a young girl followed. She could see the gag placed on her face and the binds around her wrist. The guild has stayed busy on the hunt tonight. Behind the girl was a sight that gave her pause. Edward Drake followed, similarly gagged and bound. She mouthed a curse. She had given Edward a fair warning and he failed to heed it. Why? It didn’t matter. He was now in their possession. Surely, he would not live to see the end of the night. The last in line followed behind Edward, shoving him along and putting him in place in the center of the room. She waited patiently, observing as they all got into place, and took a mental note of everything they did. The lead man looked down at a device on his wrist and began tapping away on it. All at once, light filled the space and nearly blinded her. She deactivated the implants and rubbed her eyes quickly to keep observing. The second guild member approached the far wall by the window and pressed his fingers on an unobvious location of the wall which sank in and lifted, revealing a numbered pad behind it. He input a combination and took his place back with the group in the center of the room. Above them, the ceiling peeled away and revealed a metal disk-shaped device. From eight points on the inside of the disk, bulbs of light began to grow increasingly brighter before casting a ray of light down on them. The room began to tremble in waves as the device reached full power and in seconds, they faded away into the blinding ray. When they could no longer be seen, the ray disappeared in the blink of an eye and the disk-shaped device whirred as it cooled down. They were gone.
“Teleportation,” she mumbled to herself. It made sense. This building was far too small for any Nightguild operation. This was just the transportation hub to a bigger facility. She wondered how many of these hubs the Nightguild had throughout the city. Surely enough to cover as much ground as possible which had to be at least a hundred or so. But this revelation didn’t solve her issue. How was she going to get to where they were going? If she weren’t pressed for time, she could seek out the other hubs and attempt to triangulate the facility’s location but all she had was tonight.
She exited the office and ran over to the pad on the wall. They’d have to come back through here to secure the space after dropping off Edward and the girl but who knew how long that could take? She figured she only had one option: utilize the teleporter. She wasn’t too thrilled about it. Teleportation was risky and if she made even the slightest error, the worst-case scenario would be that she’d be disintegrated into atoms which would then be dispersed in all directions. She couldn’t mess up but getting everything perfect would not be easy. With her implants, she scanned the heat signatures of the pad. The man must have been wearing weathered gloves because she could hardly make out the heat readings on the pad. It was there, but faint. It was a five-digit number. The first three were easy but she couldn’t be sure of the last two. Only two possible options. She bit her lip and pondered it for a long time.
“Damn it,” she cursed as she punched in the last two numbers and hurried towards the exact spot they had been standing in. She breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly as the teleporter powered up. She knew she wouldn’t feel a thing if it went wrong but that didn’t help in the slightest. She balled her hands into fists by her side and her foot tapped incessantly, anxious and worried and second-guessing herself. It wasn’t too late. She could just jump out of the teleporters area of effect and cut her losses.
No, she told herself. I’m doing this. I’m—
White light. It all seemed white. The briefest millisecond of nonexistence as her physical being was broken down to atoms. There was no consciousness. No concept of thought or being in that millisecond. Time was an illusion. For all that mattered, she could’ve been in this state for eternity. It wasn’t loud. It wasn’t quiet. She didn’t feel her body being broken down but she didn’t feel anything else. It was the briefest and the longest, most unsettling and calming millisecond absolute nothingness that stretched out across all of time and space.
And when she blinked she was standing on a teleportation receiving pad in the cold and damp underground canal. Lights were strung along the arched ceiling and thick cables ran along the sides from the teleporters deeper into the canal which would undoubtedly lead into the center of the operations. Two technicians working the teleporter looked up at her stunned. They had noticed the power readings were abnormal after the other two guild members came through but thought nothing of it. Imagine their shock to see her appear before her—a stranger far from where she belonged. They didn’t have time to react. She ripped the baton from her side and vaulted over the railing next to the teleporter right on top of one of the technicians. One blow was all it took to knock him unconscious. She didn’t want to cause any more damage than she needed. The second shouted and started to run. Someone had to have heard it and soon enough, she’d have an audience with the Nightguild. That was what she was after but she’d prefer to speak to them in one piece. She flung the baton and it struck the technician on the top of his head, rattling his brain and causing him to flounder. She held her arm extended and opened her palm and the magnetized grip of the baton brought it right back to her.
Footsteps were approaching. Lots of them. Loud.
She got up quickly and ran to the front of the teleporter with her hands up in surrender. They saw her and took aim but didn’t fire. One of the guild members, a tall Poelin man with a feline face and tail tucked under a gray cloak, pointed at her and commanded the others. “Seize her!”
It only took a second for them to pile onto her and press her into the ground to remove her weapons and gear. They stripped her from everything but the clothes on her back and lifted her onto her knees before the Poelin who glared at her with orange cat eyes. There was something about her that just hung on the edge of his mind, some sort of familiarity that he could not identify. He bared his teeth and hissed, “Identify yourself, intruder, or else I’ll kill you here and now.”
She was still reeling from the tackle and took a second to get the room to stop spinning. When she felt centered enough, she licked her lips which she had bitten through, and said what she had rehearsed for days. “My name is Miranda Weaver. I am Banished and know the threat of return is death but I must speak to your Rector or else we may all be dead come morning.”
The Poelin’s eyes narrowed underneath his furrowed bushy brows. He was more inclined to kill her for being Banished and daring to return to a guild sect but if she had come all this way wishing to speak to the Rector, there must be something of value to her words. Either that, or she’s absolutely insane. “You will not speak to the Rector. Speak your final words.”
“No,” Miranda shook her head. “They are for Djunta, and Djunta only.”
Hearing the name that so few possessed the right to know, much less speak boggled him but then he saw his fellow guild members turn their eyes to her. They, too, had heard her clearly. They now knew his name. The Poelin gnashed his teeth and seeing no other option, grabbed the hilt of his blade and slashed it through the air with the speed of a cracking whip. Two lightning-fast strokes was all it took to cut the members down dead. They dropped around her, their hold on her vanishing. She held back her smile as the Poelin scowled. His claws grabbed Miranda by the throat and lifted her inches off of the ground with ease. “How do you know that name?” he hissed.
“We don’t… have time,” Miranda choked out.
The Poelin growled, spun on his heels, and hurled her down the canal. She hit the ground hard, scraping her palms to hell as she landed but she knew she got her point across.
“Walk,” the Poelin instructed.
Miranda got up and walked with her back to him, smiling from ear to ear. It took a lot of work and a lot of finessing but she had made it. She was finally standing inside the compound of the Aberanth Nightguild. Now came the hard part.
The canal opened up to a massive space of concrete and metal and in this space were many ancient machines sputtering away as they spat out an endless stream of papers with nothing but a few lines of text. She recognized the old contracts and was shocked at how little everything had changed since she was a part of the Nightguild. Why would it change? It was a fundamental part of who they were. Everything in this room ran on analog systems. Nowhere in the Nightguild were digital data systems permitted. It was just one of many ways that they kept their presence unknown to an always interconnected galaxy. They couldn’t be hacked, couldn’t be traced, and couldn’t be located unless someone knew exactly where and how to look. Someone like Miranda who had spent twelve years of her life as an assassin.
Several guild members walked the floor, plucking papers from the stacks of thousands. Most ignored the Poelin and Miranda as they entered. Everyone’s business was their own and such extreme compartmentalization ensured that should any guild member, like Nezz for instance, be captured or killed, nothing could lead their enemies to the guild. Some, however, couldn’t rid themselves of their natural curiosity and looked up wondering who she was and why Poelin, one of the few who reported directly to the Rector, was escorting her. This seemed wholly different from the two that had been brought in earlier. She had to be a special case. It was easy to tell by just looking in her eyes. There was such an intensity in them that no ordinary person would ever have, like a raging fire that could spread easily and unleash chaos. It was the same sort of look that seasoned veterans of the guild possessed. They continued with their tasks, trying to forget what they’d seen.
The Poelin took her down a dark curved tunnel that opened to a room as big as the previous but it was hardly as lit. At the end of the room, another straight tunnel was sealed off by a door fit for castle walls attended by two Honor Guards clad in heavy armor and armed with spearcasters, spears adorned with a blaster just below the blade. Miranda had heard about the Honor Guard, the fiercest warriors in the Nightguild’s ranks. The secrecy of the Rector was paramount and was protected at all costs, as the Poelin had demonstrated. Not even the Honor Guards were trusted with the identity of their Rectors. Each was chemically blinded and trained to rely on their senses to protect the guild.
The Honor Guards stomped their feet and presented their spears in warning at the sound of the Poelin and Miranda’s approach. The Poelin grabbed his specially crafted blade and drove it into a slot in an engraved ring at their feet. The ring twisted and groaned, grinding loudly as it unlocked. Only two people, excluding the Rector, possessed blades capable of unlocking the Archives and Grand Quarters. Had he been an intruder attempting to unlock the door, the blade would have been ground into a fine powder and his chest swiftly pierced by the blades of the Honor Guards.
The complex mechanisms that kept the door sealed unlocked and the taut chains pulled the great doors open. Honor Guard returned to attention, allowing the Poelin and Miranda passage but before going any further, the Poelin ripped off a piece of his shirt and tied it tight around Miranda’s face so that she could not see what she was not meant to see. She could smell the smoke of lit torches and candles. The room was cold and still as if void of any air and all was deathly silent aside from their clacking steps on the stone floors.
After several minutes of the Poelin carefully navigating her through the Archives and into the Grand Chamber, she felt his hand pushing her down onto her knees. They had arrived. The blindfold was untied and fell from her face, dropping to the ground below her. She looked up from where it fell and saw that before her a massive hearth more akin to an industrial furnace roared and crackled spitting orange flames and waves of heat which spread its warmth throughout the room. In front of this grand fire, a figure was eclipsed, its hulking body rising twenty-feet high, a silhouette looming before the flame quietly. It had outspread sagging shoulders and four long brawny arms covered in slick sickly green scales. Its forearms, shoulders, and joints were adorned with a bone-colored exoskeleton and at the end of its arms were three jagged talons that could cut through metal with ease jutting out from large palms. Its face was not scaly like the rest of its body, nor the sickly green hue. Instead, as it turned to look at them, she could see that its face was fleshy and wrinkled, devoid of color and life. Its mouth was flat, curved inwards, and stretching from one side of its jaw to the other. The left side of its face had been horrifically scarred. Gashes that had not healed properly cut through its left eye socket leaving such damage that the skin beneath the eye sagged. It appeared to have no eyes under its brooding brows, only sunken pits of black in which the faintest white sheen reflecting off of what lied inside could be seen in certain light. Its cheek had been violently ripped apart down to its muscles, leaving the decayed muscles beneath exposed and a maw of razor-like teeth set on a powerful jaw now visible. Two nasal slits expanded and shrank with every slow, controlled breath. Its movements were slow and deliberate. Each lumbering step shook the ground beneath their feet. Each breath he drew in through the expanded slits was enough to steal her breath away. Though she couldn’t see its eyes, she felt its sinister gaze fall upon her. There were few things she feared in life but seeing it come closer, seeing its horrific appearance struck such an innate fear within her that she could not shake but where most would cower away, refusing to stare into the face of this beast, Miranda straightened her back and stared into its abyssal eyes.
“Rector,” the Poelin said with reverence as he bowed.
The Rector looked up, the vertical slits of its eyes shut and it drew in a heavy breath. “Adjutant,” it hissed, its voice exploding in her ears and causing the walls to rumble. “Welcome.” It took another step towards them and dropped with a clack as its knee banged against the ground. “What is this?” it asked, its talons which were the size of her torso hovered inches from her face.
“She is Banished. I granted her the right to her final words when she invoked your name,” the Poelin said, seething.
The beast—the Rector—stood to full height, displeased with this news. A resounding guttural growl rose from its core. “Why does she still live?”
“I would’ve dealt the final blow but after she invoked your name, she stated that we would not live to see the end of this night.”
The Rector grunted and laughed slowly. “Ha, ha. And are you the emissary of our deaths?” it spoke, its mouth not moving but the words bouncing around in Miranda’s skull, banging off the sides like a hammer. She winced trying to maintain her composure. A telepath? she asked herself. She’d never met a creature with such abilities but they weren’t unheard of. All she’d heard were the second-hand tales of those who’ve met such beings which were described as uncomfortable and intrusive. That was certainly a way to describe it.
“No,” she struggled to say, his words still ringing in her head. “The one responsible for Nezz’s death will be coming for you all.”
The Poelin looked down at her, finally realizing why he recognized her face. She, along with the man they had brought in earlier, were the two that were spotted leaving Nezz where he laid dead.
“And how do you know this? Why do you risk life and limb to warn us, Banished?”
“Do not spread lies, Banished,” the Poelin warned, his hand already on the hilt of his blade. “You were the first to leave Nezz where he was found dead.”
“Do you think a killer looking to take you all down would be so bold as to walk out and show themselves on a camera? When I got there, Nezz was already dead.”
“Answer me, Banished,” the Rector growled.
“I know because the same killer came for my sect. Killed all but four of us.”
“Ahhh, the Livurainus Sect. You were among the survivors? Why were you the only Banished?”
“Because I was there when it happened. The others weren’t. I failed to defend the sect during the attack. For that, I was Banished.”
“So, you would say that you are well aware of the coming threat? Have you seen it?”
“Yes, with my own eyes,” she said, staring up at the Rector.
It pondered for a moment, taking a step back to face the hearth. The Poelin kept one hand on his hilt and the other on Miranda’s shoulder. They waited anxiously to hear the words of the Rector. Its shoulders rose and sank as it let out a raspy sigh. “The tale of your sect has spread. Tell me, is it true what they say? It only took one person to eliminate your entire sect?”
Miranda lowered her head, glowering at the Rector. “One thing.”
“That is a very important distinction. This thing… what was it?” the Rector asked, its head turning, looking at her through the corner of his eyes.
“It wasn’t a living being or some feral beast. It was an efficient bloodthirsty killing machine,” she recounted the horror as the thing danced through the darkness with such horrific beauty. The sprays of blood leaped into the air like the master strokes of an artist. Weapons blasted all around her, blades brandished, people shouting not in a panic but in confusion trying to spot the thing which continued to slaughter them without hesitation. There was no pause in the act. It was a continuous show, an impossible display for a living creature, even if they were trained in the art of violence every day of their life. This thing span, sank, slid, and sliced through the darkness, moving with the speed of a comet and elusive as a shadow in the night.
“You are afraid of it.”
“Only because I have seen what it can do.”
“So, why do you chase after it? Why do you place yourself in its path? If it were coming for us, you could’ve simply stood aside and allowed it to devastate our sect. You are, after all, Banished. So few are fortunate to stray from our path with their lives. Yet, you risk it. Is it to avenge your fallen brethren? Is it to atone for your failure to perish with them?”
Miranda felt her body trembling under the weight of her emotions. She couldn’t stop herself from reliving that night. Nothing she did could rid her of the nightmares she faced when she closed her eyes. She would do anything and everything to make it right. “This is so much more than vengeance,” she snarled, her voice wavering.
The Rector’s mouth contorted into a disturbing grin. “You do not have to die tonight. Not by our hands.” Miranda looked up to meet the Rector’s eyes as he turned to face them. “You have a choice. You’ve faced this thing before. You say it will come by the end of the night. You will face it again. You may fail and die at the hands of this thing, or we will all perish together, as it should have been before. Succeed, and you will be free to leave this sect with your life and continue living the rest of your days as the Banished who lived. Decide.”
There was no hesitation in answering. “I will fight what comes.”
The Rector wasn’t surprised. He could sense her palpable thirst for blood. “Very well. Adjutant, lock down the sect. None shall enter. None shall leave. If this thing seeks us, we will force it to enter where we see fit.”
“The eastern approach,” the Poelin said, already following the Rector’s plans.
“Precisely. It is where you will be positioned, Banished. Take her there now, Adjutant. Whether you complete this task or die, you will not return here.”
The Poelin tugged on her shirt to get her to her feet but before he could drag her away, she took another step forward, realizing that what she would ask would be pushing the mercy they’d shown her. “The man you brought here—Edward Drake. We all know he didn’t kill Nezz and yet you still plan to kill him don’t you? Well, why bother? Send him with me.”
The Poelin moved to strike her in the back for speaking out of turn but the Rector held up its hand, halting him. “You wish to drag him into the grave with you? So be it. Release the man and the girl. The Banished should at least be given a fighting chance, don’t you agree, Adjutant?”
The Poelin nodded, never daring to question his leader, even if it wasn’t an order he agreed with. He grabbed the blindfold from the ground and pulled Miranda close to him to place it back on her head. The last thing she saw before being dragged away to be thrown into the depths to face the killing machine headed their way was the Rector glaring at her with a sick grin on its face as if it knew that there was no way she’d succeed if her claims were true. It promised her freedom for success. It gave her back her life when she gave so many reasons for her to die. These were all empty promises and guarantees. No one could possibly survive against what was coming and if she did, the Nightguild would ensure that she never left this dreadful canal.
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2021.11.29 12:13 NoNamesLeft24 Fans of group of 5 schools watching OU fans freak out over getting their coach poached:

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2021.11.29 12:13 crypto_pranav 👀🚀 DFyn featured in PolygonDaily's TOP Polygon DEXS WITH HIGHEST TVL QuickswapDEX $QUICK DFyn $DFYN DinoSwapHQ $DINO ape_swap $BANANA MUSTCometh $MUST PolycatFinance $FISH Jetfuelfinance $WINGS FinanceFirebird $HOPE CafeSwapFinance $BREW elk_finance $ELK

👀🚀 DFyn featured in PolygonDaily's TOP Polygon DEXS WITH HIGHEST TVL QuickswapDEX $QUICK DFyn $DFYN DinoSwapHQ $DINO ape_swap $BANANA MUSTCometh $MUST PolycatFinance $FISH Jetfuelfinance $WINGS FinanceFirebird $HOPE CafeSwapFinance $BREW elk_finance $ELK submitted by crypto_pranav to DFYN_Network [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 12:13 snowth1ef Odd issue, 06 impala, entire dash seems to lose power at random intervals

I've completed a lot of my own work on cars throughout the years but I'm running into an odd issue that I'm hoping someone else has seen before
06 impala, 140k miles, A few months ago the dash started intermittently losing power, all needles go to zero and the lighted text portion turns off. Even when using blinkers the dash indicators no longer show and I don't hear the clicking, but they do work on the outside. Everything else works normal. If I turn off the car and back on, all the gauges come back. Sometimes the dash loses power within a minute or two of starting, sometimes it stays on for over an hour long drive.
It doesn't seem likely that its the dash, since it comes back on and its all the gauges but it may be. I've tried searching for this issue but not finding much luck. Really appreciate any advice!
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2021.11.29 12:13 ghost61250 What style is the wool collared jacket Wayne wears in the first episode is called?

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2021.11.29 12:13 freddiemayforreal I made a song using only sounds from macOS!!

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2021.11.29 12:13 Wayward_Prometheus How does Henry win against Volk? Follow Us on Instagram :

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2021.11.29 12:13 No-Mongoose-5024 [WTS] Hammock Gear 11' Dyneema Tarp (without doors)

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2021.11.29 12:13 endless_tides 16 dpo bfn but a temp rise… what is going on?? I was sick 8-11dpo so that’s why the temps are high there

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2021.11.29 12:13 Dispartar777 What 3 characters can you see trying to best Luffy in the future and how?

Doffy, some type of form like gear 4th state, if you’ve seen the one eyed king in Tokyo Ghoul something similar Weevil, conqueror’s haki of course and maybe a devil fruit Zoro probably some where after this arc
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2021.11.29 12:13 karla_23 Axie Infinity, una combinación de cripto y juego que vale la pena experimentar

En lo personal me encanta jugar Pokemon Go, pero más allá de recibir la felicidad de encontrar un nuevo Pokemon legendario o mejorar sus habilidades, me quedo con la sensación de que solo quiero gastar dinero para alcanzar algún hito. Sin embargo, con Axie Infinity esto puede cambiar, puesto que la recompensa va más allá, llegando a ganar dinero útil con este juego al invertir tu tiempo.
Puedes descubrir más de este juego en el siguiente vídeo.
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