"Very" posterior cervix -- unable to do a cervical exam at 40+4

The symptoms do not necessarily correlate with disease severity and include pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia and infertility in 30-40% of patients. Pathology. Although the pathogenesis is still under discussion, three theories have emerged: Metaplastic transformation of the peritoneal epithelium into functional endometrium. Performing a sudden tap on the cervix Near midpregnancy, a sudden tap on the cervix during a vaginal exam may cause the fetus to rise in the amniotic fluid and then rebound to its original position, a phenomenon known as ballottement. The examiner feels the rebound when the fetus falls back down. Reported prevalence range is very wide and can range between 7-70% 11. Clinical presentation. Prostatic calcifications are most often an incidental and asymptomatic finding, but they have been associated with symptoms such as dysuria, hematuria, obstruction, or pelvic/perineal pain. Occasionally calcifications can be passed via the urethra 1,2. A well-woman examination is an exam offered to women to review elements of their reproductive health.The exam includes a breast examination, a pelvic examination and a Pap smear but may also include other procedures. Hospitals employ strict policies relating to the provision of consent by the patient, the availability of chaperones at the examination, and the absence of other parties. The pelvic exam begins with an explanation of the procedure. The patient is asked to put on an examination gown, get on the examination table, and lay on her back with her feet in footholds. Sliding down toward the end of the table is the best position for the clinician to do a visual examination. A pelvic exam begins with an assessment of the reproductive organs that can be seen without the ... BREASTS: Breast exam reveals no masses, skin changes, or axillary adenopathy. ABDOMEN: Reveals normoactive bowel sounds, soft, nontender, no organomegaly. PELVIC: Exam reveals normal external female genitalia. She has a normal cervix, small uterus, no adnexal fullness. EXTREMITIES: Lower extremities reveal no edema, 2+ pulses. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are one of the most effective forms of contraception available today with rates of failure similar to various forms of sterilization.[1] The two types of IUDs that are presently used in the United States, including the copper-containing IUD and levonorgestrel-containing IUD, have similar rates of preventing pregnancy with failure rates of 0.08% and 0.02%, respectively. cervical barrier . A birth control device which is inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix and prevent sperm from entering. Diaphragms, cervical caps and contraceptive sponges are kinds of cervical barriers. cervix . The opening to the uterus, the bottom of which is at the back end of the vagina. charting Cervix: It is a narrow canal usually 2 to 3 cm in length that connects the uterus to the vagina. Cervical Canal: The cervical canal connects the cavity of the body of the uterus with the lumen of the vagina. Birth Canal: The cervical canal along with the vagina forms the birth canal which helps during the birth of the baby. External Female ...

2022.01.19 22:23 Sjrw90ny "Very" posterior cervix -- unable to do a cervical exam at 40+4

I'm 40+4 weeks pregnant, and the doctor was unable to do a cervical exam at my appointment today. She said my cervix was "very posterior" (very high and "unfavorable"). The doctor said she literally couldn't even reach it to tell how dilated I am. Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation? I'm scheduled to be induced tomorrow afternoon, and I'm quite worried it's going to be a tough induction given the state of my cervix.
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2022.01.19 22:23 ATurnerStrongman #gobletsquat

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2022.01.19 22:23 hardestflower Any of you in “separation”, but still talk daily?

How does it affect you?
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2022.01.19 22:23 claretCasulaty Looking for Advice on Auditioning for a Male Role as a Female

I need some advice for an upcoming audition...
I've been practicing for an audition set for the end of the month for a while. It's a community made musical I've wanted to be a part of for over a year, and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to audition. The cast doesn't feature a lot of female characters with lower singing voices, so I was practicing for the only one who was in my range. She has one song and only 2 scenes, but she's such a fun character that I was excited for the audition anyway.
Recently, the casting call was updated to offer all roles to all genders, which gives me many more opportunities to audition for roles with more songs and more speaking lines. There are two male roles in particular that I really want to audition for, and they are both comfortably in my singing range. One of them especially has been one of those "dream roles" that I felt like I could never portray simply because I was a woman, and so having this opportunity is really exciting for me!
I wanted to see if anyone had any tips to help me nail this audition. I'm not sure how to approach it, whether I should go into it trying to portray the characters as male or embrace my femininity and just be myself. Any tips you guys have would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.19 22:23 akashikeiji SALI PO KAYO

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2022.01.19 22:23 zippernippers O

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2022.01.19 22:23 EeveeDev I'm so sad that i can't (and probably will never) get her :(

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2022.01.19 22:23 dibble1008 Help build a tool for managing the chronic pain care journey by filling out a short (~5 minute) survey

Hi all! I'd love your input to help inform the design of a tool/service I am working on that is designed to help those suffering from chronic pain navigate the ups and downs of finding and receiving the right information on and medical care for the condition. If you could take this short (~5 minute) survey, it would go a long way to informing the design of the initial product (we're aiming to launch in ~3-4 months).
Thanks! And if you are interested in helping guide the development of this tool/service beyond filling out the survey, please don't hesitate to comment as such and we'll get you involved.
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2022.01.19 22:23 SnooWalruses2528 does anyone wanna be friends?

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2022.01.19 22:23 Diehard_Determinist Do you feel that you’re driving for people “just like you?”

Obviously asking this on Reddit, I’m not necessarily getting a representative sample of Uber drivers, but I’m still curious to get the perspective.
Do you feel like you’re driving people “like you” when you drive, whatever that means to you?
Or is there some disconnect, where the riders are “different?” Does it feel like you’re primarily driving people of a different class than you? Or not really?
Thanks for any insight!
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2022.01.19 22:23 SeigiNoMikata376 The followers are amazing in this one

Good thing Dylan made this adition, i'm playing an Assassi, Mercúrio is our Healer, and Unbroken is our Tank/Warrior, every time she's down he heals her, every time i'm in a bad situation either her or him saves me and the same for them, never tough i would feel like an actual Adventure team in Skyrim, i'm doing large content whitout being over powered and that feels so human that i can't stop having fun. Would recommend for everyone to try and have a team :)
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2022.01.19 22:23 hi9580 iOS Safari Extension to Redirect AMP

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2022.01.19 22:23 doey420 Check me

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2022.01.19 22:23 ljstens22 Infinite money glitch…just short me.

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2022.01.19 22:23 rexybombom im looking for an accountability partner at around my age (18) anybody?????

preferably someone living in SGT(GMT+8)
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2022.01.19 22:23 TokioTokyo My first first family home on sims 4. I like to think that this is a home of a single mother with two daughters.

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2022.01.19 22:23 Bojarzin [Leafs (3)-1 Rangers] A Matthews rebound bounces in off of Bunting

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2022.01.19 22:23 the_man_with_none What would you fill in "if I got one dollar every time I ____________" to become filthy rich?

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2022.01.19 22:23 Whiskey_Whiskerton Tonight's dinner

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2022.01.19 22:23 lx3a calc 2

Hey y’all, I haven’t taken precalc or calc 1 in about <2 years so I’m really rusty with the material. I’m wondering if I should drop calc 2 this semester and take calc 1 instead, or if I should dedicate a few hours to reviewing calc 1 material while staying in calc 2 instead. Graduating as early as possible is a major priority of mine which is why i’m not keen on falling back onto calc 1, however I don’t know if it’s possible to get an A in this class without a comprehensive understanding of calc 1. I did extremely well with precalc and calc 1 and even tutored it for a while, and I scored a 4 on the ap exam so I initially figured I could skimp ahead to calc 2 but I’m realizing how little I remember.
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2022.01.19 22:23 LittyFish [BDSP] LF TM Earthquake

[r] ft shiny 6IV Japanese ditto, can trade the tm back after duping it. Running 1.1.3.
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2022.01.19 22:23 realmusic15 Clubs

What are some good clubs to join on campus? Trying to make some friends. Thanks
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2022.01.19 22:23 xwinters3 F26 keen to hear from you

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