I lost on round 41. Account-level 69.

2022.01.19 23:21 BattdPlayer I lost on round 41. Account-level 69.

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2022.01.19 23:21 polasanwer تحميل لعبة Gangstar Vegas للاندرويد 2022

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2022.01.19 23:21 holoconn Should I leave a job I like for a 23k raise?

My friend became a manager at a competing firm and offered me a job that equates to about a 30% raise on my current salary. I was not looking for a new job and I love my company… management is really down to earth and seems to value my opinions. I have a deep knowledge of the company and have great working relationships. I have a big project I am about to undertake and other opportunities I haven’t taken full advantage of yet. On top of that, I just hired my first direct report three months ago, so I’d be leaving her to deal with the fallout of me leaving with only 3 months under her belt. I feel so guilty about considering leaving and worried about starting over at a new company because I will have to gain my coworkers trust and respect all over again. But if I don’t seize this opportunity I’m leaving sooooo much money on the table. And I don’t think the new company would be bad or anything, just not as good as my old one….. ugh someone help me I feel so stressed.
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2022.01.19 23:21 ropbop19 'Ad Limina' by Cy Kellett

There's a theme in a lot of near-future to next-few-centuries SF about alienation, about humanity being lost among the wonders (or horrors) this species might invent. One such example is Cory Doctorow's Walkaway, a book that I am quite fond of.
I'd like to bring to the attention of this subreddit a novel that takes a look at such questions from a very different perspective. That novel is Cy Kellet's Ad Limina, and that perspective is that of a devout Catholic.
Ad Limina is about Mark Gastelum, the first native-born Bishop of Mars, and his journey to Rome to meet with the Pope (all bishops periodically do this). On his way, he has to contend with various things in the future: neofascists, transhumanists, hedonists, and others, all in a way that is nuanced and thought-provoking.
Has anyone here read it? I'm not at all religious but I found it to be phenomenal.
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2022.01.19 23:21 jolothegreat Looking for someone to interview!

Hello all,
I’m currently taking a wine appreciation class in college and am looking to interview someone who’s currently working in the wine business (a winemaker, viticulturist, tasting room manager, chef, wine shop owner, wine critic/blogger, wine scientist, etc..)
The interview will be around 3 mins and can be done via video chat of some sorts. Let me know if you’re willing to help:)
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2022.01.19 23:21 crytoloover Royal Q coin Watchlist an coinmarketcap

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2022.01.19 23:21 Caver95 [identify] this Waltham

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2022.01.19 23:21 ApplePieIsG00D How do you change your email for you Devplay account?

Hi, so I’m giving my account to a friend but don’t want my personal email on the account so do any of you know how to change the email that’s linked to my account? Yes I tried relinking the google account, changed nothing.
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2022.01.19 23:21 JackRabbit0084 Amazon Allure Box timing question!

I was so excited for the January box that i subscribed through Amazon on Dec 30. It's been over a year since i have subscribed to any boxes so i forgot how it works- I received the Dec beauty box.
My next shipment isn't until Jan 30. I'm still going to get the January box, right? I'm having serious Fomo watching everyone receive their Jan boxes. I guess I'll get mine in Feb due to the timing of my subscription?
Anyone else have a late in the month subscription? What is your experience, have you had any issues?
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2022.01.19 23:21 MyaheeMyastone It’s uncanny

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2022.01.19 23:21 lucky666123 a flower

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2022.01.19 23:21 mailelani Lotus fairy, me, digital, 2022

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2022.01.19 23:21 PenisJellyfish Ravensburger- Great Outdoors Puzzle Series: Woodland Wildlife. 300 Pieces.

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2022.01.19 23:21 takeOffcozY Therealbrittfit Soapy Shower Masturbation 0nl1fans Video L3ak3d

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2022.01.19 23:21 Takotsuboredom Finding dating opportunities

I’m (27F) a professionnal with a very atypical schedule who lives in a suburban city where the opportunities to meet new people when out and about is virtually inexistent (mainly cute families and older couples). I love my job, my place and I’m generally content with my life… I’d really love to share that with someone as I’ve been single for a while since my last relationship.
I’ve been trying to go over ideas on how to meet guys organically (I’m already active on OLD) and I can’t seem to find something that would easily be doable! I’m looking for ideas for when social distancing won’t be so present (I work in healthcare so I’m isolating most of the time RN because I’m constantly in contact with COVID cases).
Just a little extra info : - I’m already on 3 OLD apps; - Because of my schedule, I can’t attend regular hobby classes (I like arts and cooking); - I don’t have a dog as a possible wingman; - I usually prefer training at home / outside, so not a big gym goer even before COVID (I like yoga classes, but the F/M ratio sadly isn’t in my favour); - I’m not a fan of clubs, I go to bars / restaurants, but then I’m out with friends and concentrate on that (it’s kind of a miracle to have managed to find a common free moment with them - I try to make the most of it!); - Not many opportunities in my social circles (I’ve asked around and friends / coworkers know I’m on the lookout), guys are already in a relationship or we’re just not a match; - People I meet at work are a no go for obvious reasons.
TL;DR I’m looking for ways to meet potential new dates that aren’t via OLD.
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2022.01.19 23:21 666dnuoHlleHehTanooL Everyone's favorite bartender (latepivi)

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2022.01.19 23:21 VonnyBlanco 21 Savage just signed a St. Louis Artist name Benji Kellz from Benji Brothers

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2022.01.19 23:21 Puzzled_Buy2074 Everyone is Here!- #Pokémon Unite

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2022.01.19 23:21 DriveLiveOnSteam Thanks... I guess

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2022.01.19 23:21 VelvetVioletxXx Cerebral sensory overload

23 yro MtF woman. So this happens... Randomly, where I'll just kind of start... Having whole body twitches. And ever since they started they've practically rendered me imobile while they occur and I always thought they were a sensory thing, but usually I'm not doing or experiencing all that much from a sensory perspective, and this morning I woke up with a full list of things to do and spent the first half hour of my day having, for lack of a better word, a fit. Now I kinda think it's cerebral sensory overload if that's even a thing? But I have no idea and would love some advice on how to stop this from derailing my existence. Please and thankyou ❤️
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2022.01.19 23:21 RedHeadedKoi 𝑀𝓎 𝒮𝓊𝓃.

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2022.01.19 23:21 Copyrice_ Worth it to buy EVO Kessel for 170k?

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2022.01.19 23:21 kjam68 Young Skinny Pimp

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2022.01.19 23:21 zislos Sunset Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2018 [OC] [4170x3120]

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2022.01.19 23:21 roooobzzz Help needed in working out if I will get sicker?

Last week on Sunday (09/01/22) I noticed my lymph nodes had swelled up, but I had no other symptoms and felt totally fine. I had a sore throat the week earlier and slight chest pain when breathing but was otherwise fine. On Monday I went to the doctor as my lymph nodes were still swollen, I had no other symptoms, he recommended I get a blood test for ebv. I got the results back from my blood test today and the doctor said they indicate acute ebv infection. I feel a little bit off but otherwise fine. I am now 11 days after initial onset of symptoms and I want to know if I will get sicker than I am now. I have a slightly sore throat and slight pain in chest when breathing but otherwise I am fine. I have no fever, my tonsils look normal and I worked out 6 of the past 7 days.
My blood test results are: Eb Igg - Negative Vca Igg - Negative Vca Igm - Positive
Had anyone had the same experience as me? Should I expect to get worse or better in the next week?
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