Qi Cosplay ( sauce in comments)

2022.01.19 23:40 Global-Papaya Qi Cosplay ( sauce in comments)

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2022.01.19 23:40 crasyostrich Autumn on the Isle of Arran, Scotland 2021. [2184x2730] [OC]

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2022.01.19 23:40 Mrs_Peabody One or two night training ride

Hi! I’m seeking recommendations for a one or two night ride to try out my set up in advance of doing the Oregon Outback trail later this year. Fairly new to bike packing but have done some light touring (Oregon Coast route). I’m up for a challenge. I live in Portland but can travel to the start. Any ideas much appreciated!
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2022.01.19 23:40 Good_name_here_redd Looking for someone to help make music for my mod

Looking for someone to help make music for my mod So im trying to make a mod but I dont know how to make music so i'm looking for someone to help me make some, heres a screen shot of my mod
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2022.01.19 23:40 robert_cortese Arrest made in connection with the murder of Tijuana journalist - Border Report

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2022.01.19 23:40 Therainbowbeast Did you bring melee?

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2022.01.19 23:40 Memestockinvestor $PIXY has been trying to break this $1.77 resistance since like late October. Now that we are pretty much there, with a strong technical uptrend and an apparent short squeeze setting up… this thing is gonna go to the moon.

$PIXY has been trying to break this $1.77 resistance since like late October. Now that we are pretty much there, with a strong technical uptrend and an apparent short squeeze setting up… this thing is gonna go to the moon. submitted by Memestockinvestor to Shortsqueeze [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 23:40 RunUpCommas Me [M25] can’t make my gf [F25] laugh

Sounds like a stupid title but hear me out. We’ve only been dating for about 2 months now but I’ve known her vaguely for a few years before that through some mutual friends. Everything is going well, and I definitely enjoy spending time with her. But I just cannot make her laugh as hard as her friends can and it’s eating away at me. I’ll hang out with her friends (or my friends) and she’ll just be cracking up at literally anything they do. Meanwhile, when we hang out alone, it feels like I have to use every fiber of my being to get a chuckle out of her. I’m not sure if she feels the same way, but I also don’t know if it’s just my ego or if it’s an actual issue.
Now, I can understand this if she’s spent way more time with her best friends from ages ago, and they just have more of a connection. But she’s met a friend of mine that I also just recently met, and same story. He’s just the funniest guy out there apparently.
I know humor is way more important in the long term than looks and other such factors. But I just don’t know what to do.
Am I just being egotistical? Or should I be worried. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 23:40 SHADOWGAMES3 Qual o anime

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2022.01.19 23:40 PROPegasus354 Help.

I have a problem which has been bothering me. I have an input lag on my keyboard for Minecraft. Every time a press w or the spacebar sometimes it will continue even after I've stopped pressing the key. Does somebody know a fix to this??
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2022.01.19 23:40 PressureMindless AMD Ryzen 4800H (2667 MHz RAM) vs Intel Core i7 1165G7 (3200 MHz RAM)

Hi there. I'm about to start a new job. My boss gave me 2 choices for laptop and I'm really torn between these two laptops.
I decided to go for AMD Ryzen 4800H, until I found out that the RAM is underclocked to 2667 Mhz (although it's 3200 MHz). I asked my now coworkers to do a benchmark on the different laptops.
Also there is no way to overclock it, because BIOS is locked, I can't set XMP profile, so I need to keep this. And by locked I mean it just hasn't got the option to set XMP.

Intel's one Benchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/49767563 https://i.imgur.com/6FC2qfC.png
AMD's one Benchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/49768959 https://i.imgur.com/29xE7Rn.png

I was really certain that the AMD would have won in GPU, but I was wrong!
Benchmarks say that AMD is far superior in everything, but it doesn't seem so. I don't understand, should I ask them to run other benchmarks? Please, help me! Gotta decide within Monday
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2022.01.19 23:40 BrainstormBot 🌎 Near Coast Of Nicaragua: Sismo - Earthquake (5.4 Mwp, at 02:32 UTC, from alomax.free.fr)

🏠 Sismo! 5.4 Mwp, registered by alomax, 2022-01-20 02:32:38 UTC (gibbous moon), Masachapa, Nicaragua (11.61, -86.46), ↓149 km likely felt 180 km away (in Managua, San Rafael del Sur, Masaya, Jinotepe, Granada…) by 1.9 million people (alomax.free.fr)
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2022.01.19 23:40 cumdrunkpet are y'all sick of my face yet

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2022.01.19 23:40 KyuubiWindscar Problems with Arcanum

While using the spell Fires of Undeath from {Arcanum - A New Age of Magic}, my new minions seem to burn excessively and cause them to become vaporized immediately after being revived. I think the issue might be related to {Frozen Electrocuted Combustion} but so far I've been unable to test since removing it causes an infinite load when trying to continue.
If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions as to how to get this spell to work

!*Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
*Unofficial Arcane Accessories Patch.esl
*Unofficial Arcane Archer Pack Patch.esl
*Unofficial Saints and Seducers Patch.esl
*Unofficial Civil War Champions Patch.esl
*Unofficial Dawnfang and Duskfang Patch.esl
*Unofficial Dead Man's Dread Patch.esl
*Unofficial Dwarven Mail Armor Patch.esl
*Unofficial Ebony Plate Armor Patch.esl
*Unofficial Expanded Crossbow Pack Patch.esl
*Unofficial Elite Crossbows Patch.esl
*Unofficial Elven Hunter Armor Patch.esl
*Unofficial Rare Curios Patch.esl
*Unofficial Stalhrim Fur Armor Patch.esl
*Unofficial Steel Soldier Armor Patch.esl
*Vanilla Script MicroOptimizations.esl
*Enhanced Solitude SSE.esp
*Enhanced Solitude Docks.esp
*Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
*Mortal Enemies.esp
*Better Dynamic Snow SE.esp
*Gildergreen Regrown.esp
*Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
*Castle Volkihar Rebuilt.esp
*aMidianBorn_Book of Silence.esp
*DeadlySpellImpacts Transparency Fix.esp
*Vivid WeathersSE.esp
*Vivid Weathers SE - Bruma Patch.esp
*Vivid Weathers SE - Classic.esp
*Vivid Weathers SE - Wyrmstooth.esp
*Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin SSE Version.esp
*Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
*JKs Skyrim.esp
*Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
*Summermyst - WACCF Patch.esp
*Cutting Room Floor.esp
*Skyrim Bridges.esp
*Skyrim Bridges Tweaked.esp
*Civil War Aftermath.esp
*The Blackest Reaches.esp
*ESD Navpatch.esp
*RLO - Exteriors.esp
*Immersive Encounters.esp
*Particle Patch for ENB SSE.esp
*Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul.esp
*Civil War Overhaul.esp
*Immersive Weapons.esp
*OBIS SE.esp
*Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp
*This Is Jorrvaskr.esp
*WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
*OBIS Loot SE.esp
*Point The Way.esp
*Populated Lands Roads Paths Legendary.esp
*Thieves Guild Requirements.esp
*Better Vampire NPCs.esp
*Populated Cities Towns Villages Legendary.esp
*Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp
*ES ESD Patch.esp
*Tel Mithryn.esp
*LKVM Cellar and Exterior.esp
*Immersive Patrols II.esp
*LKVM Main House.esp
*Blackbeerd's Beards.esp
*NARC SE for SkyTEST.esp
*Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
*dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
*dD-Larger Splatter Size.esp
*VioLens SE.esp
*Ultimate Dodge Mod.esp
*naruto overhaul.esp
*Men of Winter.esp
*Bijin Warmaidens.esp
*3DNPC TKAA Patch.esp
*BSHeartland TKAA Patch.esp
*Cutting Room Floor TKAA Patch.esp
*Immersive Encounters TKAA Patch.esp
*LegacyoftheDragonborn TKAA Patch.esp
*MoonAndStar_MAS TKAA Patch.esp
*Wyrmstooth TKAA Patch.esp
*Enhanced WheelMenu Control.esp
*RLO - Effects.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Silver.esp
*WACCF_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
*Missives - JK Skyrim.esp
*InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.esp
*Reasonable Silver Hand.esp
*JKs Skyrim - Fishing patch.esp
*ESD Terrain Patch.esp
*Knight of the North.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - WACCF Patch.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - CuttingRoomFloor Patch.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Iron.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Leather.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Orcish Plate.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Orcish Scaled.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Dwarven Mail.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Dwarven Plate.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Steel.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Silver ACE.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Stalhrim Fur.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Orcish Plate ACE.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Elven Hunter.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Elven Hunter USCC Elven Hunter.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Iron ACE.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Stalhrim Fur ACE.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Steel ACE.esp
*Missing Follower Dialogue Fix.esp
*Spellforge - Library - Arcanum.esp
*Spellforge - Library - Base - Odin.esp
*Spellforge - Library - Odin.esp
*Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
*ISC Immersive Armors Patch.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - Missives Patch.esp
*BetterQuestObjectives - LOTD Patch.esp
*BetterQuestObjectives - Wintersun Patch.esp
*NARC SE patch - Beyond Skyrim Bruma.esp
*Durnehviir God of Death.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - EvenBetterQuestObjectives Patch.esp
*Bounty Gold.esp
*Konahriks Privilege by Edhelsereg.esp
*Heavy Armored Soldiers.esp
*3DNPC Imperious Patch.esp
*Extended Encounters.esp
*Dark Brotherhood Assassins - Improvements.esp
*More Draconic Aspect - Become The Dragonborn.esp
*BSHeartland - Meshes.esp
*Project ja-Kha'jay- Khajiit Diversity.esp
*(SGC) SkySA.esp
*Elder Souls - Katana.esp
*Elder Souls - Scimitar.esp
*YCM_ADBEM and EBQO Patch.esp
*CWOR and EBQO Patch.esp
*TGR Patch for EBQO and EOSI Patch.esp
*OBIS WACCF Patch.esp
*Uchiha Clan Additions.esp
*Deadly Dragons - DDC and Splendor.esp
*Deadly Dragons - Wyrmstooth.esp
*3DNPC - CRF Patch.esp
*3DNPC Alternative Locations.esp
*JKs Skyrim_Cutting Room Floor_Patch.esp
*Ancient Nord Stalhrim.esp
*ORI - HarkonSword.esp
*ISC WACCF Patch.esp
*DeadlyDragon Optionals.esp
*All Geared Up Derivative.esp
*The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
*Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp
*OBIS SE Patrols Addon.esp
*Dumzbthar Room markers.esp
*Populated Solstheim.esp
*lucien replacer new.esp
*Dynamic Things Alternative.esp
*Immersive Speechcraft.esp
*GIST soul trap.esp
*Honed Metal - no rare materials.esp
*Dragon Claws Auto-Unlock.esp
*USSEP-Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
*Wildcat-Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
*OBIS SE - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
*ESD SMIM SSE Merged All patch.esp
*Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp
*MLU - Summermyst.esp
*Helgen Reborn.esp
*MLU - Animated Armoury Patch.esp
*ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
*MLU - Immersive Weapons.esp
*Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim.esp
*Helgen Reborn TKAA Patch.esp
*Zim's Improved Dremora.esp
*Rebalanced Encounter Zones.esp
*Zim's Improved Dremora -- USSEP patch.esp
*Growl-MortalEnemies Patch.esp
*MLU - InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.esp
*MLU - WaCCF.esp
*MLU - ZIA.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - MorrowLootUltimate Patch.esp
*Wintersun - ZIA Patch.esp
*MLU - CRF.esp
*MLU - Immersive Armors.esp
*MLU - Improved Closefaced Helmets.esp
*Trade & Barter.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - TradeandBarter Patch.esp
*Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remastered.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Dwarven Mail CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Dwarven Plate CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Elven Hunter CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Iron CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Leather CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Orcish Plate CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Orcish Scaled CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Silver CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Stalhrim Fur CCOR.esp
*Creation Club Integration - Steel CCOR.esp
*Guard's Armor Replacer - CCOR Consistency.esp
*Beyond Skyrim Bruma_CCOR_Patch.esp
*MLU - CCOR.esp
*Immersive Weapons_CCOR_Patch.esp
*Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim.esp
*Odin - Vokrii Compatibility Patch.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - Vokrii Patch.esp
*Vokrii - DawnguardArsenal Patch.esp
*Vokrii - Trade & Barter Patch.esp
*Vokrii - Bruma Patch.esp
*Vokrii - DawnguardArsenal - WACCF Patch.esp
*Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
*EconomyOverhaul CV - Ordinator Patch.esp
*Odin - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
*Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp
*Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
*CFTO - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp
*Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
*PCE - Live Another Life Patch.esp
*Alternate Start - Experience Patch.esp
*Alternate Start -- New Beginnings.esp
*RLO - Interiors.esp
*RLO - CRF Patch.esp
*RLO - IC Patch.esp
*RLO - Illuminated Spells.esp
*RLO - VIS Patch.esp
*Palaces Castles Enhanced.esp
*PCE - Marked Droppable Barenziah Stones.esp
*PCE - USSEP+CRF Patch.esp
*PCE - Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul Patch.esp
*PCE - 3DNPC Patch.esp
*PCE - RLO Patch.esp
*ACW - PCE Patch.esp
*Atlas Map Markers.esp
*Bashed Patch, 0.esp
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2022.01.19 23:40 DaddyObelisk Skye Blue

Skye Blue submitted by DaddyObelisk to WorldOfWrestlingWomen [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 23:40 bbwi2021 Seaton/Sprinter Van Road Trip

I cannot wait for this bit to be over and it hasnt even started yet. 🙄
Some of the listeners are just cringe. They are headed to LA but lets take a detour to fucking Wisconsin and then Minneapolis.
submitted by bbwi2021 to danpatrick [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 23:40 bilinz Help me complete my WDC sheet

So I've slowly been collecting 1:43 models from my birth year to current but I'm mostly interested in obtaining the model from the GP which cemented there title. I've been doing some research but have been struggling to find some of them and figured I would ask for some help. Also let me know if I got any wrong!

Year Driver Winning GP
1988 Aryton Senna Japan
1989 Alain Prost Japan
1990 Aryton Senna
1991 Aryton Senna
1992 Nigel Mansell Hungarian
1993 Alain Prost Portugal
1994 Michael Schumacher Australia
1995 Michael Schumacher
1996 Damon Hill Japan
1997 Jacques Villeneuve European GP
1998 Mika Hakkinen Japan
1999 Mika Hakkinen Malaysia
2000 Michael Schumacher Japan
2001 Michael Schumacher Hungarian??
2002 Michael Schumacher French
2003 Michael Schumacher
2004 Michael Schumacher
2005 Fernando Alonso Brazil
2006 Fernando Alonso Brazil
2007 Kimi Raikkonen Brazil
2008 Lewis Hamilton Brazil
2009 Jenson Button Brazil
2010 Sebastian Vettel Abu Dhabi
2011 Sebastian Vettel Japan
2012 Sebastian Vettel Abu Dhabi
2013 Sebastian Vettel Indian
2014 Lewis Hamilton Abu Dhabi
2015 Lewis Hamilton USA??
2016 Nico Rosberg Abu Dhabi
2017 Lewis Hamilton
2018 Lewis Hamilton Mexican
2019 Lewis Hamilton USA
2020 Lewis Hamilton Turkish
2021 Max Verstappen Abu Dhabi
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2022.01.19 23:40 Brave_Equipment_680 can i end isolation after a negative test??

i tested positive on PCR last week and just finished my 5 day isolation. i took a rapid antigen test and it was negative. do i still need to wear a a mask for 5 days around my friends? aren’t i no longer contagious?
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2022.01.19 23:40 Leialove13 Just some of my recent Valentine’s Day squish hauls!

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2022.01.19 23:40 Brittle5quire Italian Senate Meeting (2022)

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2022.01.19 23:40 littleredrob Is there an enneagram type that would be this way

Is this normal
Is this an attachement issue thing
Whenever I like a guy I neeeeeed him to care abt me
To the point where I’ll be happy if he’s aggressive bc I’ll be convinced if he’s mad at me it’s bc he cares abt me
& someone was talking abt it on tik tok today
But like if I’m able to effect their emotions than it proves I matter to them which yeah
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2022.01.19 23:40 TORONTO_BROWNBULL GOT MY FIRST EVER GSHOCK GA2100 - 7A. Love it!!

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2022.01.19 23:40 runcyborg S2B 1/11, sharing my progress…getting really excited about the changes going on!! (Diff angles)

S2B 1/11, sharing my progress…getting really excited about the changes going on!! (Diff angles) submitted by runcyborg to unclebens [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 23:40 BurnFreeze64 Just found my first Hentai Sign carrier

Is this normal for those who use the sign melee item
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2022.01.19 23:40 BlueOwl22 Mars is a sweet as her kitten face looks

Mars is a sweet as her kitten face looks submitted by BlueOwl22 to cats [link] [comments]