Print coming off bed and globbing up

2022.01.19 23:49 everynightslackyhack Print coming off bed and globbing up

My prints keep on coming off of the bed and messing up mid print, they stick to the nozel and glob up. Got any ideas?
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2022.01.19 23:49 nj_5oh Tool recommendations for first build?

I'm piecing together a build that will be cerakoted and have seen random videos on YT for what to get but I'd rather just ask here so I don't goof up and possibly buy a tool that isn't correct or that could damage my parts.
I have a bench vise, torque wrench (uppehandguard should come with a tool for the barrel nut), drill press, welder, hammers, screwdrivers, allen wrenches.
Looking for...

  1. Punch set (buffer tube castle nut)
  2. Lower (EPC9) vise block to get the buffer tube and nut installed
  3. Upper vise block (barrel install)
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2022.01.19 23:49 Willing-Clock-8884 Paige Van Zant looking good

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2022.01.19 23:49 elishevacohen How do I apply/stay in school without parents knowing?

So…my parents are narcissistic and without adding unnecessary detail…telling them where I’m going isn’t an option. I am using college as an escape. Or trying to. I’m a junior, have a 2.8 and hoping to get it to a 3.0 by the end of the year if at ALL possible. My ACT for the past few has been 20-22. I’m kicking myself for falling into a depression and letting adhd getting in the way my freshman and sophomore year…ugh. But basically I’ve calculated and I have about a 67% of being accepted with just my stats for the college I really want (UW-Milwaukee) and around 50-75 for everywhere else. My plans at this point are to fill out applications for in-state schools that they know about, then secretly apply to all the midwestern out of state places I want. I’ll fill out the fafsa if they allow me, and all that but…will they find out if I apply to out of state? If I get in, will they know? How do I stay in school without help from them? Am I being an idiot, I feel like the reality of this situation hasn’t sunk in yet and I’m blinded by fear of staying around them. Sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this, I’m just panicking.
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2022.01.19 23:49 MolassesForeign8015 Dónde comprar diamantes lab created

Que hay, alguien sabe dónde puedo comprar diamantes creados en laboratorio en México?
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2022.01.19 23:49 PuzzleheadedInside16 Camping World Holdings ($CWH) good investment even with debt?

New investor here looking for some perspectives. CWH is currently trading at a <6 PE ratio if they match their eps estimate for the last quarter of 2021. Next years eps estimates are higher than this years were. Looks like revenues have been increasing yoy for a while. Camping industry looking good due to baby boomers retiring and newer generations interest in the outdoors (in my opinion). Margins are increasing and it seems like the company has increased its market share by buying up tons of retailers whenever given the chance. However, I know the company carries a lot of debt, something I just simply don’t know how to evaluate. If anyone has any thoughts they’d want to share then that would be great! Thanks for the help!
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2022.01.19 23:49 androoryan1979 Best resto w/ Long advance bookings

We are visiting for FQ Fest in April
Notice alot of the best high end restaurants have firm 1 month out bookings.
Any recommendations for amazing places that I could book now and just secure it rather than having to be on a website at X time on Y date hoping o can get a table vs a bunch of bots?
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2022.01.19 23:49 60secondDisciple [NG][BL55][Cainhurst]

Tad underleveled for this one and could use some help clearing the area and defeating ML. Haven’t played through in a few years so I’m not sure where items are either.
Ringing at bell! Password: chip
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2022.01.19 23:49 TopazGaming Is this not the ideal male bod

Is this not the ideal male bod
Because I got all the ladies swoonin
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2022.01.19 23:49 secretdictatorjoe In Encanto (2021) the character Bruno is shunned because he says things people don't want to hear. This is a reference to how I'm very close to shunning some of my friends because they won't SHUT UP ABOUT THIS MOVIE, PLEASE JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND SINGING THE SONG IN EVERY CONVERSATION...

In Encanto (2021) the character Bruno is shunned because he says things people don't want to hear. This is a reference to how I'm very close to shunning some of my friends because they won't SHUT UP ABOUT THIS MOVIE, PLEASE JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND SINGING THE SONG IN EVERY CONVERSATION... submitted by secretdictatorjoe to shittymoviedetails [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 23:49 TcrankItXD World record?

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2022.01.19 23:49 AHAMKHARI StarLight 2.1 - Tyrant’s Abode

Previous Part
The Fallen were out of sight but their chatter echoed through the underground corridors like they were just a few feet away.
“Keep your distance. Watch their movement on your radar.” Lux was calm and composed as if she’d been in this situation before.
I inched down the corridor closer to the crew’s location until they came to a stop at a triangular door. The Captain exclaimed in his tongue slamming on the door. His crew quickly joined him kicking and screaming trying to pry open the door. Eventually a camera beeped to life swinging left and right looking up and down the corridor nearly spotting me before focusing on the band of Fallen.
The Captain made direct eye contact, bumping at the camera which promptly went limp.
Протокол безопасности 8-6-3. Обнаружены враждебные сущности” An artificial voice began speaking Russian.
The door moaned to life and the Captain gave an uproar of laughter turning to his crew motivating them. He was blissfully unaware of the small army of Frames with auto rifles at the ready. There was no cliché. They didn’t waste any time waiting for the Captain to notice, just unloading their magazines all in sync painting the wall with a mixture of splattered Ether and bluish purple blood.
I wiped my visor clean with a violently shaking hand. That could’ve been me.
You don’t need to worry about the frames.” The sudden voice in my ear startled me. It was the same voice from before. “So long as they’re under Rasputin’s control they won’t harm you.
“You! I need answers!”
Is now the really most opportune time? I’d be more than happy to play 20 questions once we leave.
I grumbled in frustration. “Fine! Fine.” I psyched myself up and walked right up to the door which spread open immediately. The Frames took no notice of me. All standing still as a statue not reacting to my presence whatsoever. It was…ominous. “Lead the way.”
Look to your left. See that door?
“I do. How do you?”
You’re live feed isn’t exactly secure. Off you go!” He went silent with some slight static.
I did as he said. I proceeded through the diamond door which hid a second one. The first closed keeping me between the two for a few seconds. Before sounding a single blare alarm and opening. I was greeted by an open room clearly tainted by the Hive. The same almost organic material that made up the Hive nest below the Lunar Complex.
“Movement. We’re not alone.” Lux warned.
“The lights are shattered.” I noted.
“It’s because the Hive thrive in the dark. Let’s even the playing field, shall we?” She expanded herself separating her shell to illuminate the entire room revealing many Thrall who looked to us before charging as a horde.
“Let’s hope Banshee’s ingenuity comes through!” I swung a pulse rifle around my shoulder and gripped it tight. I let off burst after burst each Thrall reduced to a pile of chitin and ash trying my absolute best to dodge and avoid the Thrall’s countless attempts at my life. One got a good hit on me, leaving a surprisingly deep gash in my breastplate. My mag ran out producing nothing more than clicks at a trigger pull. I swung back nailing it in the forehead with the stock. I quickly drew my hand cannon nailing the last few Thrall before ejecting the empty cylinder. I panted, out of breath.
“You’ve been practicing. Hardly any shots wasted. But if you want to strengthen your Light you’ve gotta…you know…use it.” Lux healed my minor wounds. It’s surprising how sharp a Thrall’s claws are. Even just barely catching me cut through the fabric and breaching my skin.
“I can’t rely on it. I’m confident in using Arc but that comes at the risk of being up close and personal with a knight.” I ran the situation through my head over and over, each time ending…gruesomely. “But I’ll figure something out.”
I dusted myself off and proceeded further. The Hive material only got denser and more prominent. The darkness persisted but no more Hive yet. “Did our friend ever mention where we’re supposed to go?”
You’re going the correct direction, don’t worry.” The sudden voice scared me once again.
“Stop doing that!”
Apologies. You’re looking for a large room with a console in the center. That’s where I’ll be.
“Large room. Console in the middle. Sounds hard to miss.”
The man chuckled “That won’t be the difficulty here. There are more Hive here so I hope you didn’t run dry.” Once again his voice vanished with static.
“Just fyi, Zara, the signal down here is weak. Help won’t be coming if you need it. Avoid dying too. The Hive must’ve been down here for quite some time. My Light feels smothered.” Lux’s tone was concerned.
I kept my arms straight and pointed forward, swinging the barrel around corners ensuring nothing was there. I reached yet another diamond shaped door, but it refused to open. “Lux think you can work some magic on this door.”
She shined a laser like light on different parts of the door. “If I tried to force it Rasputin response might be…extreme. He doesn’t take kindly to intruders, i’m surprised he hasn’t noticed us yet.”
Allow me.” The door whirred and took several stages to open. I darted for cover as the room was full of Hive. More than just Thrall. There were Acolytes and Knights. “I’ve never seen a Guardian in action before. Put on a good show, yeah?
“I don’t know what reservations you have about Guardians but I’m not the kind that can clear a room in seconds singlehandedly.” I kept my voice down to avoid alerting the Hive.
Is that so…?” Machinery started crashing and whirring and an orange haze appeared in the middle of the room catching the attention of the Hive. A suggestion of a large figure began taking form. As soon as one of its arms was fully formed, it opened fire upon the Hive vaporizing the ones caught in the blast. “Will that suffice.
“I can make it work.” I vanished from sight entering the room. I spun my knife around my finger catching it in a reverse grip. I focused the Knights first. I slashed the first ones ankle bringing it’s nape down to where I could reach and drove the blade deep and twisting it. The Knight evaporated nearly taking my balance with it. I proceeded to the next Knight, then the next each going down same as the last. Theirs blades hit the ground with a loud clang, though the sound was drowned out by the chaotic sounds of gunfire and Void bolts zipping through the air as the Heavy Frame make short work of the Acolytes. The Thrall all jumped on its back, clawing at the framework to no avail, all being swung off with ease.
After only a few minutes, the room fell silent. Chitin littered the room sitting in piles of ash that were once Hive. I
Excellent job. And without using those superpowers you Guardians are known for! Are you trying to impress me?” The man had a teasing tone about his voice.
“How about instead of teasing me, you tell me where you are.” My patience grew thin.
Didn’t I already tell you? The console right in front of you.” A part of the console expanded into a disc shape from which emerged an orange translucent projection of a Frame. He held his hand to his chest. “I am designated as ‘Battle Offense and Optical _____ to Engage and ’ or ‘Booker’ as my creator, whom’s mind is what I was based off of, referred to me as. In a way, he lives on far beyond the Collapse when he perished.
I was speechless. The entire time I was under the impression I was searching for a person, but it was a robot. Clearly an extremely advanced one too. Flawless speech, the assumption that any voice modulation was due to the radio, and natural responses. Finally I gathered my thoughts and decided to worry about specifics later. “You don’t sound too heartbroken.”
I have had roughly 400 years to cope, Zara. Continuing to grieve would be greatly inefficient.” Booker didn’t hold back his thoughts. His answer and thoughts match word for word. “I took the liberty of scanning your armor when you entered the bunker, and it would seem your equipped to carry an A.I. May I?
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2022.01.19 23:49 fitzbro Bugged Conversion - Units Turn Neutral!

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2022.01.19 23:49 Kotoamatsukami_07 anime_irl

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2022.01.19 23:49 TheLastJoaquin Nowhere near as good as some of you guys but I'm still proud. Made it to celebrate 1 year with my girlfriend. She does Lady Deadpool cosplays and I'm her photographer so that's why she's dressed like that lol (3 cats as a bonus)

Nowhere near as good as some of you guys but I'm still proud. Made it to celebrate 1 year with my girlfriend. She does Lady Deadpool cosplays and I'm her photographer so that's why she's dressed like that lol (3 cats as a bonus) submitted by TheLastJoaquin to PixelArt [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 23:49 SlumpsQuV Insane Viego 1v4, messed up on my last kill unfortunately :(

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2022.01.19 23:49 KJTheDayTrader Gpu Mining Farm Idea

Hey there! I recently bought a asic bundle from Compass Mining but was just thinking of gpu mining after Etherium 2.0. I was wondering what your guys thoughts would be on a large solar setup of let's say 20000-40000 watts. I'm assuming graphics cards will be cheaper in the next couple years from Etherium 2.0 and with the new microchip factories being built in the United States. I was thinking if you got in when the gpus are cheap and combine that with free electricity you could be ready for the future if a very profitable coin came along.
Basically I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this and if it might be a good idea? Thanks for your time.
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2022.01.19 23:49 Bigbrain12341 If i intentionally dont eat, can i have a more female looking body?

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2022.01.19 23:49 tkh66 Currently the 7th top comment!

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2022.01.19 23:49 clip_mirror_bot You tell me

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2022.01.19 23:49 etInllNnmllIIlIl1918 t

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2022.01.19 23:49 Gretz42 The chemical plant I frequent has tones of the these hand painted murals all over, dating back decades. I'll have to remember to take more pictures.

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2022.01.19 23:49 Casual_gamer525 Heist help

Anybody need help with any heist missions? I'll be on for another hour.
PSN is Casual_Gamer525
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2022.01.19 23:49 Converal My regular bunker

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2022.01.19 23:49 Tracerbullet45 Stay put! If investors are driving prices up for people who genuinely need a house, wouldn’t it make sense for people like us to stay put wherever we are for 6 months or so? Don’t buy, rent or move if you can afford to. Let these bubble creators feel the pain.

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