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My gf’s jacket is so big on me

2022.01.19 22:15 ArsonBeSwag My gf’s jacket is so big on me

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2022.01.19 22:15 pusshylord690 Black Mamba 😈💥

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2022.01.19 22:15 wolverine94- Earth Is beautiful 🌎

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2022.01.19 22:15 hahadata Optimising Wordle Openings

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2022.01.19 22:15 midshiver X project tier list don't hate me (i left out the group stuff)

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2022.01.19 22:15 Gdh_85 I am now an approved stonker, now check out my sexy DRS shares.

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2022.01.19 22:15 jack_jack-jr1 LF help trade back 7 mons

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2022.01.19 22:15 Hialur All according to Keikaku [Omega & Inscryption Mashup]

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2022.01.19 22:15 Tadeo111 The Surge 2 - PART 42 - Playthrough - 4K 60fps

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2022.01.19 22:15 PlanetSmasher666 Exporting currently project to a single entity

I drafted my home's floorplan and now it's a jumbled mess of windows, doors and extrudes. Is there a way to export it as one model? Or is there some sort of way to make it not so much of a mess?
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2022.01.19 22:15 KeyContribution6706 Canada, Mexico and America’s Reality

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2022.01.19 22:15 dwightsmallwood 🏦💳 $125- Chime~SoFi Bonuses~ EASY💲💲

Earn an easy $125 cash by signing up to the offers below.

SoFi $25

CHIME $100

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2022.01.19 22:15 eezzeemushy A damage buff to Arc soul / Getaway Artist ft focusing lens

Not seen this particular combo with focusing lens hope it's fun for someone. https://youtu.be/1tDOJ17pF5E
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2022.01.19 22:15 Parkerdude56 NEW LINE????

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2022.01.19 22:15 gimmesomecheesefries Hi guys! (27F)

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2022.01.19 22:15 RelativeSufficient70 This original song is called 'Nakupenda' means "I love you" in Swahili!

Sharing a song I wrote in honor of my mother and family. I am Kenyan American. My mom's from Kenya, my dad's from Florida. I was born I Georgia. My father was military, together we all traveled the world. I think the most important part about music, is that it reflects who you are. We had so much fun recording this pre-pandemic! Excited for the times to come. Nakupenda by Malaika Avi
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2022.01.19 22:15 Administrative_Toe96 I just hate I’m this way.

I’m experiencing a complete inability to speak to women in public. I’ll be honest, women scare me. Although I’ve been in two very long term relationships totaling in 6 years. I find it almost impossible. I’ll be honest again, in my experience women hurt me or put me in situations to be hurt. I learned my first lesson when my mother sacrificed my sexual innocence for her being happy and well cared for. I learned my second lesson at 18 with a financially and mentally abusive ex. I just learned my 3rd lesson with someone who treated me like a pet. To be kicked when not wanted. At this point I don’t know what to do. I don’t engage with women because a pure fear. I recently had a girl give me her number. I literally just couldn’t do it. I had the shakes. I was panicking. I just couldn’t pick up the phone and text her. I just wanted that off my chest.
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2022.01.19 22:15 Ytisrite Can I get an F in the chat?

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2022.01.19 22:15 7ygt55ff568jjjgd4 Morphine quest bug?

Hi, I'm new to the game and on day 4 (loving it so far). I'm not sure if this is a bug or not? I went to the hospital and was told to give morphine to the 4 patients. I gave 2 patients morphine and left. I came back with one morphine and found the 2 patients that still had part of their pain bar filled. I administered morphine but it didnt reduce their pain at all or progress the quest (it still says I need to give 2 patients morphine). It just used up my item and did nothing.
I thought I must have done it wrong and reloaded a save. I've now attempted to give the single morphine to all 4 available patients but nothing happens with any of them. It just takes my morphine, doesn't help them, and doesn't progress the quest. What should I do? Just give up on this quest?
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2022.01.19 22:15 neiawkwkskslaoamskxk Could the necrons wipe out the imperium?

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2022.01.19 22:15 OmensOfProtection Unleash the Monster Inside of You: The Alter-Ego Barbarian

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2022.01.19 22:15 GTAclipster [Gta]

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2022.01.19 22:15 MsChif Are AJ & Mark Brothers From Another Mother?

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2022.01.19 22:15 Will6901 NZXT H1 for 5700g

After a lot of research and few components bought, I found this case and I think I'll return them now.
I like the size of it. I was going overkill previously with 280mm aio etc, mainly because it looked appealing.
But a 140mm should be enought. Plus the price that it's being sold for now 150£, is a steal in my opinion. Considering those components separately would cost me more.
When GPU prices stabilise, I'm planning to put a GPU. Should I just put fans for now in the GPU section ?
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2022.01.19 22:15 Yurnero-Juggernaut This sub looks a whole lot like LowSodiumAnthem did.

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