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September 11 - 13, 2018 on the Island «Russian» (Vladivostok, Russia) will be held the
International Youth Forum "Growth Priorities in the Asia-Pacific Region " as part of the Eastern
Economic Forum.
The main goals of the International Youth Forum "Growth Priorities in the Asia-Pacific
Region" are the development of integration processes in the Far Eastern macro-region and the
creation of conditions for involving young citizens of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region in
the development of investment, research, social and communication projects with the Russian
Federation. The delegates of the Asia-Pacific Region will have an opportunity to pass an
intensive educational program from the world's most famous experts in the field of strategic
development, attracting investments, developing business projects; provide conditions for the
implementation of joint scientific and technological, commercial and non-commercial projects
for young people from different countries.
The Forum Organizing Committee is going to travel to the countries of the Asia-Pacific
region: South Korea, China (Beijing, Hong Kong), Japan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia,
Canada to form delegations of participants from foreign countries and discuss plans for joint
cooperation between July and August 2018

As part of the forum, a number of different topics will be discussed:

1 The Asia-Pacific Region - the territory of sustainable cooperation;
2 Sectoral legislation for the spatial development of the economy in the Far East;
3 Comfortable environment of the Far East;
4 Social investments;
5 Professions of the future.

Moreover, a permanent platform «The Forum of Young Diplomats of the Asia-Pacific
Region» for communication of young representatives of foreign affairs agencies will be
organized in cooperation with the Council of Young Diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Russian Federation, as a part of the Forum.
Every year the participants of the Eastern Economic Forum are the President of Russia,
heads of foreign states and governments, heads of major organizations and corporations,
financial institutions, world banks and more than 5,000 delegates from more than 50 countries,
many speakers of the business program of the Forum will take part in the work of his youth sites.
I invite representatives of educational organizations of the Russian Federation and foreign
countries to participate in the work of the Youth Places of the Eastern Economic Forum.

For more information call: + 7-499-653-64-26

General Director: S.A. Neverov

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